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Oct 27, 2008

Wish Anna Piaggi was my grandma

In the past weeks I've been re-discovering clothes that I forgot about and due to my
no budget status, Ive been trying to re-interpret some pieces and actually wearing
others. Because of my limited closet space, the clothes disappear within the full skirts
and dresses that are always commanding space.

This outfit is actually a skirt that I got tired of wearing about more than a year ago and
got lost in the depths of my closet. The belt makes the "dress" more believable, creating
the empire cut that I love or how my friends would say "Este traje me hace ver preñá".
To finish the look, the belt was adorned with a vintage brooch and some nine west silver
sneakers, that are not shown in the pictures. And VIOLA!!!! a new look that dosen't
make my pocket scream from pain.

Este traje me hace ver preñá= This dress makes me look pregnant| the preggers look

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