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Mar 31, 2009





My friends are brilliant

This quote I borrowed from a friend of mine, who's the quietest person you can meet,
but when he opens he's mouth everybody stops and listen 'cause he's always coming up
with great stuff you would not expect to hear at the moment. Even though this is in Spanish
and it's an inside joke for '08 IMD EAP graduates, I still wanted to share it. I love quotes. I love when people talk, cause they don't usually find value in what they say.

Mar 29, 2009

WHYYY does technology hate me?

( they decided to crash today)

but at least i still have my computer running
(Hope I didn't just jinx it)

Happy thoughts like The Secret always says.

I'm gonna post this next to my computer screen at work:

( Don't remember the source)

Mar 24, 2009

Like a said a few post back( I'm to lazy to look it up", I was going to do a ring post. Yes, this post is entirely dedicated to my full blown materialistic big ass ring obsession. YAY ECONOMY. most of the rings shown here range from $1 to $2 dollars, except the green one, a gift from my mom ( I thrive on scrapping for cheap stuff that looks just right). I've always wore rings, on every finger , sometimes more than 2 on each. I have the ones that are silver, onyx rocker type of rings, but I'm not talking about those today. I'm going to keep this closed to the most mainstream?, eccentric, design-ish(different?) ones. I don't want say my favorites 'cuase I love em all. Hope whoever is reading, finds it amusing at some level. e n j o y .

Mar 23, 2009

another demonstration of the nameplate

SUPA KiD hot pink version

and some dunks


Erin Cooney aka Nire is a beat maker from Queens. I've listened to her music since 2007, but this miss has been around for more than that. She's one of the original MOB girls and like she said on Vapors Mag issue 36 2006, she's "always had MMMMAAAAADDDD STYYLEEEEE". Check out her Myspace
page that has some of my fav songs.

Believe me, SHE HAS some serious style. You can see her wearing some amazing jewelry on some of the new posters she's been promoting. Indulging in big-ass-two-fingered-statement-making-rings is a little obsession of mine ( apart from all the other little obsessions I have). The rings I'm talking about that Nire exhibits on her hand are from her new line called Je M'aime, who she's made a mixtape aaaand you can download free. Her NY based accessories store whose debut line consists of two and three finger rings with designs are as unique as they are glamorous. All made of 24-karat vermeil. OH YES... the designs are mad original and even thought the price is a bit out of my range it's deff worth the cost.


Mar 19, 2009

freestyles and knock offs

This week I've been taking pictures of my shoes when I'm in my lunch brake .
This is what I usually wear to work, I don't like suits or "work clothes".
Oh, I eat in my car, I take naps after haviing my feast of nuggets :P.

Mar 18, 2009

don't, but please do

I have always loved this band, specially this song.

lick me

I really have to say sorry for the no post's this week :(
there's been TOO mucho work to be done and not enough energy.
I won't make any more excuses.

Mar 17, 2009


This is the type of scenery you should expect if your wondering away from he city in the caribbean.

Mar 14, 2009

This whole situation is such a cliché

Alexander McQueen never leaves a runway without people being confused, amazed or disgusted.
Another of his collections has made it's way to many blogs and online magz. This time, powered by the exclusivity in fashion and repetitive silhouettes seen show after show. I have never disliked any collection of his, and this one I'm loving even more. I don't know how fashion shows work, but if his statement is what the NY times makes of it , then I hope there was no charge or an RSVP to this runway. You can look at the complete collection here.

"Still, few designers are willing to admit that the expectations of fashion are changing, or to honestly question the future for luxury goods if the appetite — largely invented over the last decade with calculated marketing more than innovative design — no longer exists. Alexander McQueen’s exceptional collection shown here on Tuesday night, the most ambitious we have seen this season, was as much a slap in the face to his industry, then, as it was brave statement about the absurdity of the race to build empires in fashion."



Souce: ashadedview, NY Times

Mar 12, 2009

In case you didn't notice; It's Arial


ya heard?

k e e p o n t a l k i n s o i c a n k e e p o n q u o t i n g

today is blah

is it still 12? ugh

I have a low tolerance for being physically at work.
that meaning, that I got out of work really late.
The low tolerance comes from the fact that I hate
to be stuck in one place for so many hours.
You get used to it, but not really if your not entirely comfortable there

well, i got to toughen up

scream at my pillow

and slap some bitches

i make no sense
sleep is calling me

k e e p o n t a l k i n s o i c a n k e e p o n q u o t i n g


I dislike expensive cars, but i guess if you would cover it up with such
kitschy shininess, I'll consider and have my moment of bad taste.

Through eyeluv.

Mar 9, 2009


Ever since i started this blog I've wanted to do a nameplate on the SUPA KiD design. After some search the CBT's Closet came in and swooped my bare neck to the rescue. Cbt's has some really great stuff. They do all laser cut acrylic jewelry, either custom made or you can choose from many options on the site. One of my favorites, is a BIG diamond shaped necklace.

When the package arrived, I was in AWE to actually see the name plate in my haaanddss! I got more excited when a hot pink fluorescent extra SUPA KiD came alongside the original in the box! WHAAAAAAAAT!?! ...yes... I'm really greatfull to have not one, but TWO nameplates that I've wanted for quite some time. You can follow CBT's on twitter or go to the blog to find out more.

Another one of this will be in my future :D

Mar 7, 2009


Remember the quote I turned to something graphic?
Well, the voice of the quote stumbled upon it,
loved it and featured it on his blog. I am veeeeeeeeeery
grateful that people are responding to my work in a
positive way, even though it was made out of boredom.
IMELDA you just made my day, week, and month. :D


Mar 5, 2009



Read this if your design oriented or at least you HTINK you are
it may help clear some things that re needed to be spoken about.

straight from the HIPSTER RUNOFF blog:

Sometimes I see images that are constructed for mainstreamers that they are probably supposed to think ‘looks cool’, but since I am so design-aware, I can’t help but think it looks tacky and uninspired. So while a person over the age of 35 will think ‘whoa–how did they get all of those players on that magazine cover? Totes looks like they are going after 1 ball…’ I think it is stupid because they just created a bunch of layers in Adobe Photoshop. Not very impressive, yall. coulda made that cover as the project for my first class at college–Photoshop 101: for design majors and non majors.

I kinda h8 how my design school education makes me enjoy stuff that is ’supposed to look cool’ a lot less. Every time I see a flyer, an advertisement, a webpage, or a commercial, I know exactly how it is made since I am skilled at every Adobe Design Suite Program. So while images might ‘look interesting’, the process behind them seems so EZ 2 replicate that I am just way above it. Sometimes I feel like I need 2 ‘ditch technology’ and only design authentic things by manually cutting and pasting things together, but I am 0% skilled and kraftwerk.

It’s like u see a video of a kid AZN who can make all of these ‘amazing effects’ and then u realize that this standardized technology has gimmicked us 2 think that we are able to better express ourselves’ because the bottleneck of creativity has widened just cuz we have more tools, but still kinda just express the same shittie concept/topics + implement lamer aesthetics.

h8 creative azns. Isn’t it kinda funnie how teachers in high school are probably making poorly informed decisions to encourage kids who can ‘make laser fight videos’ to pursue a career in the arts/film, when there is actually a supersaturated market of ‘tweens who have an inaccurate self-concept in which they tell themselves that they are unique and creative because their parents bought them a high-end computer’?
(h8 tweens who brand themselves as ‘creative’ so that they don’t have to take Calculus/physics/math/science/etc)

Is Adobe + Apple bad for kids? Should ppl only be allowed to ‘make art’ after they are done with college because their ideas ‘probably suck’ b4 then, and u should save them the humiliation of displaying their naivety in a piece of work that will last 4ever?


Adobe gives creativity 'a new life.'
Without the Adobe Creative Suite, I would not be able to make art/design/memes.
Without the internet, I wouldn't get the feedback from my 'art' which would give me the positive reinforcement that is necessary to 'keep going.'

Dear Lord,
Thank u 4 Adobe. I will use u. But when I create ‘art’, I will make sure to not make it so obvious that I utilized ur functionality, and try 2 have my ‘art’ exist in its own space to be evaluated. I value ur product, but I don’t want ppl to evaluate my technical skills in the final product.
Parsons / Pratt Class of 2011