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Mar 30, 2010

A bad Haiku

I tried to write one...

Bad religion
I will eat well
Bathroom brake


Mitch Hedberg

I'm sick of following my dreams. 
I'm just going to ask them 
where they're goin',
and hook up with them later.


Mar 26, 2010

It seems everyone's reminiscing on 90's cartoons shows. Everywhere im reading there's an article or a comment, or a post, about how cartoons from the 90s were the best. On a side note, i'm also having a Lisa Frank month, where every article or comment has a reference to her hemorrhagic-saturated-glitter-animal-extravaganza(love it).  I'll just leave you with two of my favorite shows ever, 'cause if I start posting every intro I remember, this post would be never ending post.

Mar 24, 2010

You have mail...

Today I got a very interesting inbox. The people from Streetlab send me info on what they're doing right now. Going through the mail they send me, they've produced a lot of stuff, from remixes for music by Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Hearts Revolution, to TV shows like HBO's 'Entourage', MTV's 'The City', and 'CSI: NYC'.
"Streetlab is an electro-rock music duo from NYC formed in late 2001 by Mark 'Cosmo' Lamorg and Ryan Leary. Taking the role as in-studio producers and songwriters, the two began by remixing classic rock songs with the dance-floor in mind. Being raised on the music scenes of the early 90's, the two attempt to erase boundaries - making music that appeals to both rockers and dancers."
If anyone is at NYC I suggest you take a peek at a show they'll be at.

Entre el amor y el odio

Saw this a few years ago and found it somewhere in my computer again.
Wanted to share it and if someone knows who did it, feed me on that.
I love design, advertising is the real bitch.

Funny stuff

Mar 19, 2010

My fantasy

ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

Holy friday

Its been a while sense Ive had a sneaker post here. Haven't really found any that
caught my eye. Of course, until you see that everyone is jumping in on season colors
and painting everything like it pooped a pastel egg with a rabbit inside named jesus.
This high tops caught my attention ever since I got out of sneaker rehab. I'm really liking
this pastry inspired sneaks.

via monkeyzen

Mar 18, 2010

Too much music?

Too many bands maybe?

Like my man friend says to me:

Thanks to the technology we have available, It's easier to look up bands and even create
music without a multi-billion dollar budget. The amount of bands that are accessible today
are so many, that we can't really make count. The line up at Coachella is already filled up
with so much variety, that between 3 friends, we each chose a day to look for the best songs
on those bands to share with each other, so we'll be aware of whose playing and therefore
enjoy everything we hear at the festival.

The following article on the
AV CLUB is an excellent example of how accessible making
or acquiring music is. The same happens now in design, but that's a whole other post.

Don't stay only on the article, the beauty of the AV Club are the comments and the
discussions that take place.

Mar 15, 2010


Just love this type of sounds, music box, twinkling glasses, xylophones, toy pianos, that remind me when was a kid.

Mar 11, 2010


I don't know

Vi c e

Yesterday I was at a friends house of my man friend, he was showing us his comics and music collection and out of nowhere he pulled out a great gig poster book that had some of the best designs I've seen. I got lucky and he gave me one of the posters from the book, It's made so the pages can be ripped out. Out of curiosity, I started searching it and found the site of the book. Excuse my language, but it's fucking poster-design heaven. It's pretty impressive.

This is one I found that I would have tattooed all over my body

This is the one he gave me :D :D :D


Mar 10, 2010

work's 3 minutes

I was bored, so I wrote:

I pack you in my container
just in case I need you later
don't go far

or ever

You're in my container

*The image is not mine.. Don't remember where I found it.

Mar 8, 2010

Panti fest

The following shoot was a colab with Mint Mag and myself for Private Parts
(yes, you guessed it) underwear shoot. The pics of the collection turned out
really nice and are now up on Previously Owned blog.


On friday april 9 Campo-Formio will have theire second cd release at La Respuesta.
Im really excited that Go Organ! who plays 8-bit music, will also be at this release.
Below the complete info on the event. Yes, if you live in PR you'll understand what it says,
if not then go to the show anyways.

El viernes, 9 de abril de 2010 se llevará a cabo el segundo CD Release de Campo-Formio en La Respuesta.

La segunda producción discográfica de Campo-Formio, AZ's, fue grabada en Monopolio Records el pasado 30 de octubre de 2009. Este segundo Ep contiene 7 variadas canciones que te pondrán a llorar, a sudar, a reír y a bailar.

El bestiálico espectáculo estará subdividido en 5 peculiares actos, los cuales son característicos de, y representan, lo que en esencia han logrado crear cada uno de los componentes de sus respectivos actos. Una bombástica recopilación de diferentes cualidades sonoras para encarnar el ecléctico cuerpo de la noche. En otras palabras, el line-up está cabrón.

Las primeras 21 personas que compren el CD se llevarán una sorpresa amistosa.

Las puertas estarán abiertas a partir de las 21:00 y la actividad comenzará con la primera banda a las 22:25, como pueden ver militarmente.

$10 con CD
$6 sin CD


La Experiencia de Toñito Cabanilla$ (estímulo punk)
El Postre (sexual, mantra, funk n' roll)
Los Vigilantes (rotten dark garage)
Go Organ! (8-bit dementor)

Mar 7, 2010

maaaaatch it

Very clever album cover art by
Christian Marclay. the former Dj and composer with his collection of record covers made a connection between each one he picked, to crate a new image. Fresh visual effects.

Mar 2, 2010

La AWF en el Nuevo Día

This last Saturday February 27, one of the most anticipated events in the art community in Puerto Rico, AWF was held at La Respuesta. The event was something memorable that people didn't want to end. Today I'm only going to post a review that was done in the newspaper EL Nuevo Día. Soon I will do a full post, with many pics to share.

One of the many dancing brakes