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Oct 6, 2008

I can't get over this...

I may be late on this, but Alexander Mcqueen's Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Womenswear show has me so captivated that I audio hijacked the music
of the show. I am OBSESSED with the music. I can't really find the names
to the songs to download them properly and forever be obssesed in classical
music and Nirvana's "Come as you are" violin tunes. Below, the first video
has the full first part of the runway show and the second has the Nirvana song.
Needless to say that the clothes are "oh my god!! heavens!...thats fantastic!"
works of art ( in whatever you might define art) and I would wear every piece
even in this hot, humid and awful weather.

1 comment:

psykonimus' said...

"Come As You Are" is performed by The String Quartet. I have that CD (and a lot more). Check your email and you will find the mp3 ;)