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Jul 24, 2013


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Amazing walls. Amazing colors. We remember this walls by the pictures we take of them and then look back with nostalgia.

 Bag: H&M | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

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Jul 20, 2013


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Sometimes the simplest of outfits is the most fun. And how can you not have fun with this amazing type tee?!?! Shirt: Threadless | Skirt: Elestroshock | Boots: Deena & Ozzy (UO)
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Jul 15, 2013


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This fun look pares perfectly with mister fox and his amazing palm top. He was made during a street art event here in Puerto Rico, by the amazing artist Monica.The look just fit the wall perfectly as I was imagining a place to shoot this outfit. Tropical and colorful to the max. The sweater was the funnest thing that I found in my NY trip. It's a sweater that seems like a have 2 tops on. An illustrative treasure that I will be wearing the hell out of, even in this hot little island.

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Jul 12, 2013

A spotty invasion

 photo 3-26.jpg

A true conflagration. A spotty invasion. Then a blue tidal wall and I'm chill with my kicks.

The two main pieces in this puzzle where calling to each other for a while in my closet, it just took me this long to hear them. But finally when I reacted to the obvious I was hit in the head with this polka phenomenon.

Polka-dot crop top with lace fringe - Charlotte Russe
Polka-dot high-waisted pants - Forever 21
Coral loose-fitting layer - H&M
Nike Blazer Kicks - Urban Jungle thrift shop
Assorted rings - Etsy!
Cool-as-ice Radical necklace and shades - Etsy and H&M
Special thanks to Ivan for helping me with the text!

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Jul 8, 2013

After NY!

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Hi guys! I've been away for quite a while! I went to NY for about to weeks and had an amazing time there! My first time to that city! Here is a pastel look, with a few things that I brought back from the trip! The upcoming looks will all have things I found on that trip! I'm stocked to share them with you!

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