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Oct 29, 2012


 A very fun night at a local arcade club here in Puerto Rico. Best place to take a photo of an outfit!
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Oct 19, 2012


 Our Friends from Matte Mag did a piece on my solo show "Entre Bestias"!!! Thank you guys! :D:D:D

Oct 8, 2012



The story of this look is the jean jacket.  Recently I posted on my blog the final process of DIY of this jacket. I promised on the post that I would share a look on this jacket and here it is! The final result of this DIY is awesome!


Oct 4, 2012

Design is honest. Advertising is lying.


This is one of my fav tee ever. I bought it from Grandburo design. They had only XL, but I loved the message so much i didin't care and got it anyways. Of course, I snipped it up, but didin't do a good job at it. Soi after a few tries with the scissor, for a few years, the shirt began to loose fabric than I actually intended on cutting :P. I wish they would still sell this shirt, 'cause i would buy it again with my eyes closed and a reasonable size. Still, it's on my favorites and I wear it every time I have to go to an advertising agency or a design festival.

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Oct 1, 2012


Remember the post I did I few months back, where I was all excited about a new jean jacket found at Electroshock? I did the process of bleaching it and it turned out so good that I decided to use it like that for a while. Well, I had fun with it enough times to get it out of my system ( here and here ) and finally did the last process of dying it hot pink. Below you can see the different steps of the process.


It was kind of a long process due to reading all the tiny little steps from the box and making sure every step was done accordingly. But at last and thanks to the help of my handy mom, the jacket came out better than expected. A really colorful and bright hot pink that I'm gonna wear the hell out of it. Soon you will see a post about this jacket on lookbook. Below I give you the final outcome if the whole process!!!! :D