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Sep 29, 2008

Are you bored?

I got an email from my monthly or weekly newsletter of the issue #2
kvlt magazine, an online magazine dedicated to visual art, music and
fashion, told from an Asian perspective. The article I posted below from
the mag, really caught my attention. As we are aware what the
writer talks
about, the truthfulness in the subject is approached in a vaguely short way.
Still this is a subject to either be part of or ignore it completely. I want more
articles on the matter. YES!! Bring it!

*click on the pictures to read the article

Sep 28, 2008

I'm a little skeptical...

....of "love networking sites" and the whole fairy tail bullshit love thing, that we see in movies.

This poster and what i'm writing here is just a brief view on what I think big
corporations and the
sell sell sell marketing and branding slut make of LOVE,
...well... we have to agree that love IS a selling machine, almost like a whorish
love (14/feb most whorish day of all).life's beautifull, just not like in the movies.

l o v e e v e r y d a y .

*to lazy to translate, get a dictionary.

Sep 26, 2008

my heart is...

I'm gonna do a weekly post about pictures I took on a student trip( is that right?)
I won
to spain a while ago. I fell in love with the city and I'm trying to earn money
and do anything so I can go back
and get my masters there. Maybe posting these
photos will get that out
in the universe and bring good vibes on my way.

I'll someday go back...

Hopefully not alone...

Sep 24, 2008

a L i K i van der Krujis

It's not only the clothes, but the sites minimal design, graphic lookbooks
and overall visual interpretation.

*click on the title for link to the site

Pearls and brooches

Miss Kris did a post in her blog "Krisatomic" about paintings she saw
in Russian museums
and shows up close all the work and detail that
this garments have.
I'm loving every single bit of this.

Sep 23, 2008

Bitching and whining

Up until now, this week has been shaping up to be the worst of this month.
Not only have the fights with "authority" encreased, but my external hard drive
decided to commit suicide by jumping of my desk from a case of badly
tangled wires. WATEVS.... THAT effin disk was my life, it had my work,
everything I find on the net, magz, books, pics,

E V E R Y T H I N G.

This are the moments I really hate technology (and not making any back up ).
Thankfully all is not lost, I have an old hard drive that is about to die and hopefully
It'll stand the upcoming days of torture and my best friend keeps some of my
stuff in his computer.

What reeeeealllyy pisses me off, is that I have to reorganize everything as I
recently had it. My disk is the most organized peace of my life that can exist
and it only had 3 months in my care.
Guess I'm gonna have to suck it up,
blame the univerese
and just deal.There are worst things happening in the world.


*pic from photobucket | Translation= oh God give me patience


Today, It sucks to be me

and this cat picture is CRAP

Sep 21, 2008

Miss Sedgwick

For about a year, I think, I've been following this discussion on the Fashion Spot community site. Sense I'm not a member and don't know anybody that can pass me an invite, I've bookmarked that specific discussion. One of the regulars of the forum alias Scarlettlover, did a transcript of a clip from Warhol's "Poor little rich girl", and now we can understand better Edie's conversation (even though I think she was talking to chuck).

What's being said: (A=Andy, E=Edie)
A: You look different.
E: It's because my hair is gray. I feel like trying, experiencing (or it might be experimenting). Well how do I look different?
A: I'm just saying that, I don't really think you look different.
E: Oh.
A: You don't look any different than you did yesterday.
E: Then I look different than when I did..
A: Last week, but that's not so bad.
E: Somebody told me that I change so much each time they saw me that they didn't recognize me. Do you believe that? I don't think it's true.
A: If they see you at different times of the day I could understand. You look look different when you come out in the evening than when you wake up.
E: Really? That's scary.
A: We could skip the whole thing and go to the movies for 8 hours and just walk out of one movie and into another. We've been wanting to do that all week anyway..
E: From one movie to another? I
A: We can go see horror films, we can see old films, new films...
E: Yeah, I aught to go to the (name of theater) and see some films.
A: Yes. (They both laugh)
E: But if I do that..
A: Then we can just go to the dinner anytime we want.
E: Well I sort of have to be there. Well if I'm not there..
A: I don't remember what it was for. What was the dinner all about?
E: Oh people you wouldn't even bother.
A: Oh how grim.
E: Well it will be people like (lists name) and (lists name). You think that will be too bad? Oh I don't know..
A: As long as you don't have to talk to them it's alright.
E: Talk to who? (lists name)?
A: Anyone.
E: Well (lists name) will do all the talking.
A: Well as long as you can drink and eat..and eat. (laughs)
E: That's the trouble.
A: Well let's go the movies.
E: Well I can't, uh, well if I eat anything I ruin it, don't I? I have to eat everything at once. And otherwise I can't eat at all. Do you understand what I mean? (laughs)
A: You have to eat everything...
E: Well I do eat like a pig when I eat. Oh can I eat. Isn't that awful? It really is. I was thinking it was because of (whispers some word).
A: Don't all these people know that?
E: Yeah it was Dorothy's idea. To get out instead of post..
A: Well she is on the dubious side isn't she?
E: Post mortom, is that right? Is there such a thing?
A: Are you celebrating for the..
E: Celebrating for what?
A: For what's her idea, that the person who died might want to be celebrated.
E: Um.
A: But it is good that people really get the most out of everybody else's death.
E: Well yeah, but I don't think I do.
A: I didn't mean you.
E: Somebody else?
A: Well why don't you put on..I'll help you get yourself together.
E: You will? You will help?
A: Yeah well why don't you, how about wearing this? You could try this.

YouTube, transcript by

THIS is my extasy

Typography & chocolate = PERFECT UNADULTERED YUM

The Honorable Daphne Guiness

Italian Vogue makes my day

Sep 20, 2008

my heart is in...

I'll someday go back and have a life...

*Translation= Life is in the heart of Barcelona | pic by me

I want be a little ball of fabric

rain rain rain
That's the only thing that's come down from the sky. Thanks to the humid and
hot climate of the caribbean It'll never be colder than 75, specially here in the
city. I love layering, wearing tights, clothes under clothes under clothes under
more clothes and anything I can find. I want be a little ball of fabric :D. Well,
anything more than a a jacket and a pair of jeans would be enough to make
you lose 5 pounds in sweat. But if there were fall and winter here, I don't think I
would EVER take this off:

I would LIVE in this. The Rodman Etsy shop has a beautiful variety of collars to
play with, they can make them just for your neck size and even do customization
if anybody
has a specific idea.
Another I loved, was this tux collar from
Crows Cloth Etsy shop.

Let's dress up in this and go to a ball.

Sep 19, 2008

I don't know why...

I love heart of glass

"Once I had a love but it was a gas
Soon turned out as a pain in the ass "

I dont know why, really...

Slide your feet up the street bend your back
Shift your arm then you pull it back
Life's hard you know (oh whey oh)
So strike a pose on a Cadillac

Sep 17, 2008

What page?

I don't really know how much time I spend on the internet trying to go to sleep
and it's amazing how I'm finding myself reading more magz on the net than
actually buying them(those I just read and scan the pictures in my head). One
of the few advantages that online magazines have, is that they tend to be more
interactive with the reader. You can see the page actually create itself and form a
grid, they will have animations that'll make reading more enjoyable,
which is
a whole new level for ads

Another advantage is the obvious i-can-now-buy-something-else, even though there
is always that mag on the stands that i just need in my library. Not only do they save
you money but they are contributing to the hard efforts of the green ish revolution.
This actually reminds me of David Carson's book
"The End of Print", but that's a whole
other issue.
Even though i have found some online magazines to be lacking on either
the content or the the basic design grid, the following are not the case.
These are just a few that
cannot go unseen:

Sep 16, 2008

My heart on your chain

After a loooooong search though some Etsy shops, I found one that had items
that reminded me of the Paraphernalia post i did a few weeks back called

Unique Pendants, they have very similar stuff from Paraphernalia, minus the prices.
I couldn't resist, and out of curiosity(and fare prices, i'm kinda broke) bought a heart
pendant. The only thing is I have my heart at my stomach:P. I'm in love with this, but
I don't think is really that hard to make. I'm guessing some
ReadyMade Shrinky Sheets
will do the trick.

Sep 11, 2008

no such thing as style?

Ever ran out of ideas? Been overwhelmed from the piles of clothes in your closet?
changed 25 times before going out? (ugh , this sounds like an infomercial) At this
case many sites will come to the rescue claiming to be the "style savior" were they
compile hundreds of looks who are all a result of peoples Google-ing each other on
the web. "Rescue me!!!! RESCUE MY UNFASHIONABLE HEAD!!" some might think.
But ok, I exaggerated a little.

Still, when I read a post from the Style Bubble's blog, we see the rise of a trend( if we can
call it that), where blogging outfits and searching for other peoples view on different
ways to wear the same thing, has become the fashion advisor of so many thousands
around the world. like Susie says:
"...people are seeking for individuality and watching style 'happen' online, the result is that being inspired en masse can lead to something uniform or 'exactitudinal'. Just as I was about to write a very long post about the fact that things are no longer 'in' or 'out' and that trends can be interpreted in whatever way you want, with the internet being a contributing factor, a positive uplifting message I think in fashion, comes this reminder from Cho, that the very dialogue that I love so much; the weird and wonderful world of online is bit of a sham and not 'real'."
This really gives me a headache and after emerging from all the references
I have found to this issue, it is obvious to say that it's not only happening in fashion
but in design in general (can we say art to?). There has been a BOOM of visual media
that people are constantly interchanging, criticizing and imitating. As we know, any
situation can always go either way. In art we have seen the clash of movements, from
traditional to the most contemporary, we have the art vs design debate, which will
forever be unresolved. We can also see just like in fashion, how the art gallery's market
there artists, just like the big brands pick up what sells from the youth, what is cool and
make a big fad about it. What we see on the street, in the scene, in art and everywhere
is a reflection of what we are building, weather we like it or not.

There's a whoooooole lot more to this issue, which in consequence affects everything
in our own time and space. Still we can hope not to over analyze or think that every
generation and its happenings are the end of the world, but we cannot only "go with
the flow" as we can also give direction to those that follow.

*American Appareal Image from the Style Salvage


A few days ago I learned that the Japanese director
and artist Nagi Noda passed away. She was well known
for her music videos and commercials, where she showed
her unique and creative view to the world. She was 35,
and will be missed.

Here are some of here best known videos, the first
"She's my man"for Scissor Sisters, and the second
is "The poodle exercise" video she did for Panasonic.


Sep 9, 2008

Be nice

I just read a nice article posted in the M.I.S.S. crew blog on how to handle fashion
weeks bitching monster. The article can be even be more useful on a daily basis on
how to handle and cope with people and emotions. Here´s what MAMA wrote:
Fashion week is hectic, competitive and stressful, and like all things hectic, competitive and stressful, it brings out the worst in people. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, as designer and as a writer covering designers and I understand the pressures associated with both responsibilities. I’m not saying that I’m immune to them and I’ve definitely had my moments. But, I have noticed and taken steps to be a better person, and in the end, the people around you are happier, and you end up happier. So, take a deep breath, think “serenity now” and stop being a menace to society.

First things first, there are nice ways and mean ways to say things. Both require the same effort. Be nice.

Second, if you have so much to do that you feel overwhelmed, make a list and cross things off as you do them. I know it sounds elementary but you’d be surprised how few people actually use a list to keep track of the many things they need to do.

Third, your time is not worth more than those around you. If you’re meeting with someone, focus on the task at hand, and when you’re done, cross it off of your handy list. I’ve had meetings with people where they stop to call other people on unrelated matters, check email and they end up wasting my time. That’s inconsiderate and rude. If you have a list, and stick to it, you won’t waste your time, and the time of the people you’re meeting with.

Fourth, if you hear bad news or info that’s a bit stressful, take a deep breath before you do anything. Sometimes when you just react without thinking, you don’t take the action that’s best for you and the situation. Always think things through and make sure that there’s a reason (other than ego) for doing things.

Fifth, sometimes people say and do things that are just plain mean and/or stupid. Instead of following your initial instinct of maybe doing something or saying something a bit unladylike, determine whether the action or statement is even worthy of a response. Sometimes, stupid statements and actions don’t warrant a reaction and I try to keep the higher ground by letting things just roll off of me.

My last point is in regard to your “competition.” In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said something to the effect of “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Don’t shy away from the competition or get into the sneaky, manipulative head games they play. They need info? Give it to them. Be confident that you are better and that what you do with the same info will far exceed what they can do. It’s annoying with people constantly on your tail but the trick is to stay ahead of the pack. The fashion industry doesn’t have to live up to the stereotype of being shallow and bitchy. You are in full control of how you present yourself.

*Google image

Sep 4, 2008

I will be right back after these messages

I'm going to be more off the blog than on for a
few days,unless i get REALLY bored and then I'll
post something. It seems the internet is stealing
my soul, so these coming days I won't be blogging
as frequently to stay away from hell.I don't know
who reads this, but it still feels good talking to nothing.

The air seems really understanding

*Mujeres al borde de un ataque de Nervios=This means women on the verge of a nervous brakedown

Sep 2, 2008


made by me :D

I made this poster a while back to bitch about men through design.
Yeah, i have therapy sessions with my computer, using design as a
type of catharsis.
Well, this is what came of it, the slogan i took from
the lady's of
Married to the Mob. Wish I could be a hard ass chick, meeeeh.
Sometimes life just wants to kick you
real hard in the ass, just for fun.
So sometimes, instead of screaming and throwing
stuff at nothing I post this
poster up to deal with my tantrums and today I will to.

* If anybody wants prints of the poster I'll gladly make 'em for you :D

Can I get some penasomic AA?

I was browsing through the internet really trying to find something to cheer me up,
and came
across this site that has a bunch of links of other sites that have compiled
of fake brands. It kinda made my night, not really but still I enjoyed this.

Here are a few of the fake brands I most liked, you'll know what's wrong once
you see them.

Gee molly, now that your 22 let's talk about changes

PMS is a bitch

Google image

The best thing I can do at this time of the month is vent about it.
Like the lady's up at MISSBEHAVE mag say:
“I got one hand on my gun and the other on my can of frosting: PMS survival guide”

These groups have nice stuff:

Menstruation: Ephemera, Maladies, Accessories...

and for the men

There is hope now

Strange? nope
(con la e porque si no imaginate, no es a lo gringo)

These guys have been in my bookmark ever sense I can remember, of course I never remember what I did yesterday, but I DO know I've had them for quite a while. Every time I enter Ryan's and Cateljine's page, they make me smile. Strange Attractors Design interacts with the user or at least that's where I kind of always get stuck in there page, but we can blame it on my short attention span *sweats a little*. Creating lines as the cursor tags along with me(I'm obsessed with lines if yer haven't figured) they always pop up when I'm going though memories of references in my head. S.A.D. has a really innovative outlook on communication and design, please, don't let them pass you by.

* I will not translate that.

Sep 1, 2008

Andy Gilmore

I want his designs and illustrations all over my wall.
check him out.


uff ufff uffffff, I saw these and broke a sweat.

... ohhhhhhhh mama... i think i might have peed a little.

Antonio Murphy & Astro's site already makes a lasting impression on the type
of jewelry they do. The trio started in 2004, with an unsatisfied feeling of Japanese
jewelry on the market.
" The enthusiasm for wild and eccentric designs,
combined with uncompromising fervor for quality set them apart from
many of the Japanese jewelry, which are either authentic but subtle or
loud but cheap looking"

I'm gonna take my broke ass self and cry a little here.

*All pictures from