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Sep 24, 2011

San Francisco


I loved the city, the experience i got to live, the wonderful people I met, the awesome friends i had the privilege to see again., every homeless person that said they liked my boots :P... everything was worth the trip. A little something for those "cruzando el charco".

don't fly

Beautifully crafted bag of a pigeon. Although a bit overpriced but exquisitely done.

Sep 23, 2011


As a freelance photographer sometimes I wonder what would my body language say, if someone snapped me a pic in the hiatus of an event. This girl of blue was captured at that very moment by none other than the amazing Krisatomic at London Fashion Week. What I'm missing right now is that delicious blue.


Les Liquides Imaginaries from Daniel Sannwald on Vimeo.

Sep 22, 2011


James Jean is one of the complete artist who never stops at anything. His amazing work goes from illustration, to package design, to clothing. Here he illustrated a with a nice color combo and not only is it printed in a scarf the whole packaging presentation is what speaks for this brand and the artist. For more pictures of this product go here.


To m trip to LA, my friends and me went to disneyland and at the entrence they had this beutiful posters from the movies. This one looks like Mary Balir may have had her hands on this one, but not entirely sure.


I was covering Santurce es Ley for a mag this last weekend and fellow photographer from 1dayrobot took a shot at my docs. They are lovely though.

Sep 12, 2011

Idle Worship

A very talented friend, animator, fantastic illustrator, charade master and fellow improviser extrodinare Guillermo Martinez, works with a team of people that are making a really interesting and overly cute game called Idle Worship. Check the trailer below. Hope you enjoy it!

Sep 9, 2011


Luna is making me VERY curious with her printed leggings.
Although a bit overpriced for my empty pockets. Anybody gotta sharpie?

Jeremy Fish


In our short stay at San francisco 3 of us went out to the streets hungry for art murals. We not only found many great ones, but bumped into a massive mural that had a Jeremy Fish corner installation. The sculpture celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the infamous Silly Pink Bunny gang, that took place this past april (easter). I was sooooo excited to have seen this collaboration, a stunning large scale work of art in our time in the city.


Sep 8, 2011


Today I dedicate my blog bg to the incredible McBess.



I've really found joy out of taking pictures from an airplane. It kinda calms me down, specially sense I've got a bit of a fear of flying ( although I think I handled it better this time around). To look at all the amazing scenery and presence a different kind of land. Photographing the earth from another perspective, from a tiny confined flying box. It is great pleasure.

Sep 4, 2011


I fell in love with this boots and took them home. The cornyness of this pictures pose is a result of an explosion of happiness in San Francisco.