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Feb 28, 2012


Hector Hoyo is a dear friend that I took classes with in art college. He is a fellow designer and currently attending the Academy of Arts in SF doing a masters in video games. He recently asked from the instagram pictured of urban landscape if he could paint some of the pictures for practice, and hence this awesome digital painting above. Follow Hector in his blog here!

Urban Landscape

Recently with aquiaring an iphone and having an instragram account I've been feasting on taking pictures of things I usually can't photogtaph cause I dont carry my heavy camera with me all the time. Thanks to this newly found toy has made me observe my surroundings. So if you want to follow me in yet another place on the net, I have instagram!

Feb 19, 2012


A friend showed me this beautiful video. Apparently it was viral, but I didn't get the memo :P
Very beautiful song and strong lyrics.

Feb 16, 2012

Design As Art

I've been meaning to get this book for about 5 years. Never got around to buying it! agh!

Feb 15, 2012

Oh Yes

PIROPOS from cualca! on Vimeo.

everyday curiosities

Valentine's thing was yesterday and picking some groceries I came across a delicate piece of art. Wine and a heart made of meat. I really think the people who did this didn't think it entirely through. The heart IS actually a muscle, so when eating this lovely meat, remember... you ARE eating a heart. A creepy feast for any romantic monster tale.

Feb 9, 2012

Double Cake: SV ED

So this folks are making a awesome Valentine's edition. The cakes are a bit bigger than a cupcake but much smaller than a full size cake, a perfect bite size. Double cake has collaborated for this special ED with 5 artist, including myself. Each one made there own simple version of the this perfect capitalist holiday. This V-Day stop giving money to Wallgreens and buy something creative, new, fresh and something made by locals with love and care.

I will keep you guys posted when I get the live picture of my cake. :D
This two below are my designs. The first is the design was my idea submission and the second is a 3d rendering made by Orlando Santiago from Double Cake.

video inspiration

MIA has us girls again dusting havey jackets and shining big chains.