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Oct 6, 2008

I want a world of sequin...

I was reading the Kingdom of Style blog and Queen
Michelle's recent post just left my jaw hanging.Oh dear..

T H E L E G G I N G S.

The Midnight Blue Topshop sequin leggings are to DIE
for. It's not the first time I've seen them, but every time
I get a glimpse, I want them even more.

Of course I'll just keep dreaming because the dollar
conversion is CRAY-ZAH. Meanwhile I'll just find a
sequined fabric and try to copy this dreamy blues.

* Photo of Miss Queen Michelle


Queen Michelle said...

Hey girl, thanks for posting this! Glad you like them - although it's not Queen Marie in the photo's it's me, Queen Michelle. Queen Marie only posts at weekends and rarely indulges in outfit posts.
Marie loves sequins but she would never wear them on her legs!

SUPA Kid said...

oops!!! guess i read it wrong...thnx for commenting :D much love!!!