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Jan 30, 2010


Alexis Anne makes collages from collections of images saved for years, "
They create themselves through a process beginning with a loose concept, followed by a series of trials and errors, subtle maneuvers, selection/elimination, harmonious unions, and happy accidents."... You can read in her site that her intentions with her work is "to portray the world as a flawed thing of beauty - a place that shines brightly, but has a dark side to match."
For this show, I wanted to move in a different direction aesthetically and create work inspired by early-mid 20th century surrealist work, with a tinge of Pop. I also was interested in the challenges of integrating text into art, something I believe is difficult to do well in visual art. Last but not least I wanted to create work that is less about a direct narrative and more about the subconscious, and how we operate in the social and environmental worlds around us.

The phrases in these collages are multi-tiered and double-sided; intended to reflect a sort of personal and societal inertia of mind and lifestyle, both in the sense of being frozen, and moving too fast in a direction to change course. I wanted them to be about states of mind and being, in terms of personal and global events; things that happen on a day-to-day basis and things that happen over the courses of our lives. They’re about the decisions we make, and the twists of fate we encounter. They are intended to reflect the multifaceted moments of joy and anxiety, nostalgia and anticipation, which are part of being alive. I wanted them to be open to interpretation as either uplifting, or melancholy.

Disguising these messages as strangely grafted, twisted plantlife works for me in the sense that, the themes I’m addressing are composed of so many different elements; moments, feelings, and phases of life will shift, grow, die, be confusing, complicated, intangible, and difficult to put into words, along with our memories of them and the events connected to them. Creating the phrases as landscapes, or specimens of wildlife, was sort of like isolating an aspect of our internal environments.

I see them essentially as simulacrum of things that sometimes have no real shape.

Jan 29, 2010

Up and Coming

Rad & Cal in Puerto Rico!!( like an as seen on TV commercial). The heartrhob duo from
the dry lands of Texas, will be giving a show at Taller Cé on February 19, with a complete
band for the first time. Opening for them will be Los Niños Estelares. Amazing artists,
humor and music.

Jan 25, 2010


Excellent taste in design, beautiful aesthetic and color use. His reference are visible from
graphic design of the 60s and 70s. Take a
look, 'cause this kid comes on strong.

Jan 23, 2010

Louise Despont

This post I've been hording up since last year. Don't know why, guess got a lot of other
stuff to post that this one slipped by, and it shouldn't have happened. The geometric grid
like drawings that Louise Despont does are like archaic maps the are beautifully done. My
love for lines and triangles is kicking in.

Jan 22, 2010


Amazing detailing from the label Coven at Rio 2010 FW. It's a collection that merits to be
re-posted with the dry finger. You can catch the complete article with pictures from the
runway at The Vine.
"She's an architectural designer, not a dressmaker, seeing clothes as housing the body.
"A snail has the shell, which is its house and clothes at the same time. Besides, the whole clothes creation process also considers volumetry, space, technology, planning, drawing and construction," she says by way
of translator.

The latest collection for the next northern winter has elements of the recent Balmain collection - all dripping metals, shorts skirts and fabric drapes. The gold knits bring back the gold Burberry jumper of a couple of seasons ago with it's embellished shoulders and looping lanyards and cords. Shoulders as a feature, metallics and khaki are just not going away for a while, not that there's any complaints here."

Jan 21, 2010


This are a few pictures of close friends. Liked how they turned out,
so decided to post them here.

Jan 20, 2010

Diamond seas

On the journal
Nature Physics, a recent article says that oceans of liquid diamonds,
filled with solid diamond icebergs, could be floating on Neptune and Uranus. My head just blew.

Another video, I know...But this one is somewhat related to the post and is one of the many of
my fav songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, that makes me increasingly depressed. Enjoy.

Jan 11, 2010

- +

The beauty of a real negative. The second image is inverted in photoshop to get
the color image. I prefer the negative rawness and color. Found it in a stash of junk
in my dad's
forgotten files. I loved pouring water on my feet.

Black Milk 2010 Collection

I've followed James sense he said he was gonna launch a label and miss michelle made the
logo for him over a year ago. Ever since, his been growing and has done some AMAZING
tights for us lovers. I've never been able to actually afford one of them, but he just launched
a collection, that might make you want to spend the cash. This are my favs:

I never got the memo...

Tights are not pants.... let's die

tightsarenotpants via our QUEEN

Jan 10, 2010

The Problem Of the Muse

by Charlie Finch

Edie Sedgwick stands out amidst a long line of modern muses such as Jane Avril, Dora Maar, Ruth Kligman, Ilona Staller and Dash Snow. Edie is the problem of the muse: a figure one wants so to behold but never to be. The fascination with her since her death in 1971, at the age of 28, has never abated. Her friend, filmmaker David Weisman, in his book Edie: Girl on Fire (Chronicle Books, co-authored with Melissa Painter), describes going before a film class at USC in 1998, prepared to talk about his award-winning film Kiss of the Spider Woman, and being stunned when the students only wished to know, "What was Edie like?"

The answer has been sought in Jean Stein and George Plimpton’s bestseller Edie, in Sienna Miller’s erotic portrayal in the new film Factory Girl, in David Bourdon’s Warhol and in Weisman’s film of Edie’s last years Ciao Manhattan, memorably filmed in the bottom of an empty swimming pool. Edie’s appeal lies in the simple fact that being a muse is the road to ruin, a doctorate in destruction of self worthy of Artaud. In a CD included in Edie: Girl on Fire, she matter-of-factly steps outside her myth, deconstructing and destroying it.

Those who associate Edie with giggly girlishness will be amazed at her patrician voice, full of Brahminesque authority. She offhandedly dismisses the fashion world by saying that her twice-a-day New York workouts during the ‘60s compelled her to wear a leotard all day. When she added a shirt, "Vogue" noticed and a style erupted.

Edie remembers her father convincing her that a police car was really an ambulance, before it hauled her off to one of a string of nuthouses, while her authoritarian Dad trailed her in a limousine. She dismisses the Warhol crowd, characteristically, as "faggots," and explains that the suicides of two of her brothers drove her into the silver fog of the Factory, because "at that time I wasn’t much interested in sex anyway."

Masochistic memories of Herculean drug use tickle her fancy, as her prescription for getting off a parentally imposed Nembutal habit by "shooting myself up with speed every two hours to break myself apart." Throughout the Girl on Fire CD, Edie sounds about 50 years old, even though she was 27 at the time, but, in typical muse fashion, her general air is that she regrets nothing. In a Christ-like manner, Edie conveys the sense that the ultimate form of selfishness is to give your persona to others to the point of self-destruction.

There are clinical names for such behavior but not for the thousands of us who worship her transcendentally photogenic image still. So we will give Edie, as eternal muse, the coda, "I’d like to turn the whole world on just for a moment. Just for a moment." The life ends and the moment goes on. Such is the calling of the muse.
Beautiful words written by Charlie Finch, via twogolddustwomen

Jan 6, 2010

LIttle Ashes

Love.Art.Betrayal. is the movie tag line.. A bit corny if you ask me. A story about Lorca,
Dalí and Bueñuel's friendship, developed in the student residence in Spain. The movie
actuallyfocuses on the never consumed love that flourished out of Lorca and Dalí's
friendship. I really,
really liked it. Remember this post? I guess my own obsession with
Lorca when I was 15 and then at 19 with Dalí got to me again. If you watch it and then
get hooked on the artists relationship, you can read a well written research in this page.
It's in spanish though.


I no longer love your mouth. I no
longer love your eyes. I no longer
love your eyes. I no longer love the
color of your sweaters. I no longer
love it. I no longer love the color of
your sweaters. I no longer love the
way you hold your pans and pencils.
I no longer love it. Your mouth.
Your eyes. The way you hold your
pens and pencils. I no longer love it.
I no longer love it.