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Jul 29, 2014


 photo _DSF2954.jpg

This was my first day in NY and the setting is the cozy and super cute apartment we stayed for a few days from Air bnb. It was a really cute place, there were beautiful light spots for me to make this shoot, but the blackboard wall was the best. I had fun altering the shirt dress, 'cuase I had some extra appliques from a line I'm making and this yellow flamingo went perfect with it.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-29at123033PM.png  photo _DSF2945.jpg

Jul 21, 2014


 photo 4-36.jpg

A lot of the stuff from this post is from the thrift store I work at, Electroshock Xchange. If you guys are ever in Puerto Rico go check us out and visit me! The skirt is a really rear and amazing find because of the print. Aside from my manic search for patterns this print is just the perfect example of OP art. Brings me back to college art days. The boots are my fav thing about this whole outfit a real score on ebay, this baby's where really hard on my feet at first. I think the previous owner barely wore them so they weren't broken in, but now with some DR scholls and after finally breaking them in, they are the MOST COMFORTABLE BOOTS EVER. That is all.

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Jul 14, 2014


 photo 2-64.jpg

 I am VERY excited about everything in this outfit! The color, the textures, the FINDS! This was a result from my recent vacation trip to NYC. I visited every thrift store imaginable and scored so much stuff that you will be seeing tons of prints and patterns outfits in the next weeks. Man I didin't know NY had so much patterns in It's clothes! I adore it for it, 'cuase I can't really find stuff like this back at home.
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