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Jan 30, 2011

gift me your money

The most interesting coin purse ive ever seen. The shape of a fortune cookie is so unique that every time i see it as an accessory I can't help but empty my pockets on it. Of course being broke does not make that an option, specially at a whooping $45. So if you have the cash for this little purses, feast yourself to a wearable conversation piece. You can get them here.

Jessica Stewart

Beautifull drawings by Jessica Stewart.

Jan 15, 2011

Eeni meeni maini moe

Mark Wagner's money work has such exquisite detail. You can see it closely here.


My creative production includes work in many media: from writing and artist bookmaking to drawing, collage, and assemblage. Though varied, this work is far from eclectic-forming several discrete bodies that both stand on their own and link in nature and theme to their counterparts.

In whatever media employed I have a tendency toward meticulous production and solid graphic presentation. Usually fantastical, occasional surreal, and often interdisciplinary- I am satisfied only when concept and craft meet on equally firm footing."

Jan 14, 2011

Dance with me

It's not the movie..(which is a pretty bad one). but Images from a ballet studio in the 50's.
Seeing that I've been recently indulging and loosing myself in Man Men, you can expect to see many 50 related posts.
Enjoy the pictures from this flickr.

Jan 11, 2011

Jan 6, 2011

girl talk


Happy new year,3 kings day
and everything that has passed this past week!

I was in a little va-ca, with the bf's fam.

Great time, great friends, great pictures!
Keep posted for more!!!

See ya soon while I unpack!

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