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Aug 31, 2008

The bride wore black

and wore it well

No such thing as style

Supa Kid

Blazer: A/X White blazer
Blouse: Guess satin blouse
Bracelet: Transparent chain bracelet
Leggings: Black American Appareal
Necklaces: Multi chain
silver necklace and long
silver chain with moon charm and Avon silver charm
Pins: Custom made Andy Warhol pins
Skirt: Zara black sequin tube top
Shoes: Circa 80's silver John Higdon grandma booties

Will design for food

Like Christoph Senn

Aug 30, 2008

Dress me up

Romance Was Born SS0809 backstage. Picture: Sonny Vandevelde

I'm still waiting for them to dress bjork.

There mix of layers, colors and fabric combinations, makes them stand out of the
mad crops of sell sell sell & buy buy buy type of industry. The sen
timental pair Anna
Plunkett and Luke Sales of Sydney, with there love for kitsch, gave birth to there fashion
Romance Was Born. There collections and fashion spreads, often inspire drama that
you would only dream of or read in fairy tails. They have dressed the likes of MIA, Lilly
Allen and Deborah Harry.

It's impossible to find anything close to this brand where I live.
Still, I'll keep dreaming about fabric and shape, bold silhouettes
and characters i only see in... dreams?

I'll just hang my thoughts in the closet

*las 2 pictures from

This makes me want to get a job...

Aug 29, 2008

No such thing as style

I'm going to start posting photos of people's outfits, not the
cheap-big-time-I'm-a-have-more-swag-than-you-hood-rapper look,
but really thought out ones . My ass starts sweating every time i see
guys that are a carbon copy of badly styled artists.

Maybe I'll do other posts on my own outfits, i want to remember what
i wore yesterday.

Here's my first victim:

Shirt: Customized "Art like to Pop" piece, V-neck shirt
Shoes: DC hot pink skateboarding sneakers
Belt: Silver studded H& M belt
Shades: Club Monaco sunglasses
Necklace: Gold chain and Puerto Rican cock
Watch: Black Casio digital retro watch

Year of videos

I'm making a recap on videos i would have posted if i've had this blog a year ago, I'll pretend I allready did. These vids can't go unseen...

I love him

The art of noise- Moments in Love

lovely MIA


Any MGMT vid

Reebok dance

Creep animation


Eklesiast, i just love this guys

Tribute to Jam Master Jay

Miss Sedgwick - The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

Phoebes songs

Sofia on confessions

La Mala, badass spanish raper chick

f*ck me pumps

it brakes me every time i listen to this

The list could go ooooooooooooon,
but as you can see I got carried away,
I think I would put my entire youtube list here.

.....of course i won't......


I might get this

or maybe not...
This collection of necklaces are made by Paraphernalia.
"They are made of printed and cut acrylic, which is rigid, quite light, and slightly translucent."

i want to wear this with an empire cut dress and some oxford shoes.

no one cares

pic from google

"HELL NO" you might add.
"ANOTHER BLOG????"you might think.
Well "Fuck it" I'll say.

I started a blog about 2 yrs ago, and thanks to my lazy ass, never got around to get through 5 posts. Well whatevs, the main reason
to do this again is due to my chronic boredness, which can go from my muse to a real bitch in nothing and when my mind is left alone it can be a real fucker to. So I'm gonna keep busy by writing and posting here about anything and everything that interests me. I'll give you a warning, I have a clear skill to "Spanglish" and tend to think in both languages, alternating( can i say that?) them both so i can talk and type faster. Not always to my advantage, sometimes ppl get really confused. I'll start a sentence in spanish and finish it in english. I will do my best to keep this all in english. Correct me on anything, ill try to google words when i feel a writing disaster on its way.

The final reasons to this blogs reincarnation is my hyperness *tngo-hormigas-en-el-culo. I'll try to sit for more than an hour and post, and what comes to me more easily is forgetting everything after a minute. So let's hope I can keep this memory record up to date.

Right now cake is calling, so I'm gonna eat the little bastard.

*"tengo hormigas en el culo"= I have ants up my ass, a spanish fraze to say that i can't stay still