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Jan 23, 2012


I have my share of tv shows that I like to watch, like Modern Family, Arrested Development, Panam, Flight of the Conchords, Fringe and a few others. But my fav this week was the video campaing, where Leslie Knope made a very funny list of things she supports. I couldn't keep myself from not sharing this list. 

Everything Leslie Knope Supports
1. Parks
2. Public Safety
3. Environmental regulation
4. Local proposition 45
5. Local proposition 86
6. Local proposition 102F
7. More Dog Parks
8. Senior Citizens Rights
9. Safe Streets
10. Safe Sidewalks*
11. Better Schools
12. Lower Taxes
13. Better Parks
14. Better business climate
15. Better Better Business Bureau*
16. Cleaner Streets
17. Improve greenways
18. More snow plows
19. Protecting Pawneeans
20. Improving tourism
21. More trash cans
22. Energy-efficient street lights
23. Westside Detoxification and Revitalization Project
24. Repaving Grand Avenue
25. More Teachers
26. Fewer Libraries*
27. Improve intergovernmental agency communication
28. Clean-up barefoot lake
29. Passing Pawnee Jobs Bill P-129.4
30. Playgrounds in every park
31. Playgrounds in every schoolyard
32. Playgrounds in every residential block
33. Clean energy
34. One police officer for every 5 citizens*
35. One park ranger for every 10,000 raccoons*
36. Resodding Hilltop Cemetery
37. Start talking to Cuba again*
38. Emergency evacuation drills
39. Plow For Charity
40. Forming an Ad Hoc Sub-Committee Oversight Committee*
41. Challenging the norm*
42. Pawnee Corn Subsidies
43. Finally Passing PR-61, formally recognizing South Korea*
44. Official peace treaty with Wamapoke Tribe*
45. Four-way stops at every intersection*
46. Unionizing ice cream trucks*
47. Get Europe out of debt*

48. Free trade with Illinois*
49. Enact RRP- Raccoon Relocation Project*
50. Pawnee Community College tuition in exchange for 4 years of public service
51. Doubling Pawnee Hospital's emergency room nurse staff
52. Legalize Korean*
53. Lower the obesity level*
54. Stop global terrorism*
55. Re-open the toucan exhibit at Pawnee Zoo*
56. Find Gabe the Toucan*
57. More community gardens
58. Ordinance 11F: To re-pave City Sidewalks
59. Budget Reform
60. Updated Technologies for Local Schools
61. Better retirement benefits for city employees
62. Edward Phillips Senior Center Remodeling
63. Speed bumps in front of elementary schools
64. Unemployment benefits
65. Re-installing the Main St. Farmers Market
66. No turtles as pets*
67. New uniforms for youth sports programs
68. Free Public Wi-Fi
69. Updated childcare facilities
70. Shutting down the Child Left Behind program*
71. Handicap parking placards for the obese*
73. Cleaner drinking water
74. Regulate heights of trampolines*
75. Memorial for those lost in the trampoline "incident"*
76. Control the floods*
77. Funding for public art commission
78. Fencing in correctional facilities*
79. New police patrol cars
80. Funding overtime for police
81. Rebuilding the PTA
82. Prosecuting former PTA president Linda Trifle*
83. Profitable government organizations
84. Shutting down underground shooting ranges*
85. Making sure city contracts employ local workers
86. Providing more economic development grants and micro-loans to small businesses
87. Foster partnerships with sister cities
88. More buses to speed up morning commutes
89. More streets to accommodate additional buses*
90. Require all city employees to check and respond to email*
91. Working sewers*
92. More parades
93. Grants for scientists to discover new forms of energy
94. Leave a lasting impression on all visitors
95. Challenge the norm** (Ed. note: So important it's listed twice.)
96. Finish the statue of Burt Bacharach*
97. No more conflict diamonds*
98. Bulletproof glass everywhere*
99. Free cookies at every street corner*
100. One school for every student*
101. Require flattering mirrors in public restrooms*

102. Develop a municipal composting operation
103. Enforce existing speeding and noise ordinances
104. Upgrade existing parks
105. Create an anti-graffiti youth outreach program
106. Free cake when it's your birthday*
107. Reevaluate NAFTA*
108. Rickshaw Wednesdays*
109. Making it illegal to refuse a hug*

110. Make downtown more people-friendly
111. Sell candy in government buildings to pay down the debt

112. Get Pawnee a licensed pharmacy*
113. Better screening processes at local adoption agencies*
114. Finding homes for the adopted children of Day Labor Corp.*
115. Prop 6A: To Recognize All Five Food Groups*
116. Pawnee
117. Hot Dogs

Jan 17, 2012



little is better

Ishac Bertan loves all things analog, so it didin't come as a surprise when a friend brought him set of cast metal sorts from Italy, a gift from an old typographer. He then decided to construct a small letterpress box. You can see the whole process with photos here. A wonderful post for type lovers.

Jan 9, 2012


This Christmas I went on a toy spree between my bf and me, where we became obsessed with Amanda Visell's kidrobot series "TicToc". Amanda is an artist from LA, she paints, sculpts amazing creatures and beast and brings them to life.

Amanda Visell lives in Los Angeles area by choice. She paints cartoony pictures and makes things. She did not go to school for this. Her artwork can be seen in galleries and museums nationwide including an exhibit and exclusive merchandise line at Disneyland USA. She continues to create original artwork along with toys, books, apparel, limited edition prints and sculptures, all while perfecting her design for the ultimate home robot.

Jan 7, 2012

la 15

I was invited to show two of my photos at the gallery space called La15 on the "Chikitolina" exhibit this month. This exhibit takes place every year in the core of Santurce, where small format pieces are hung to be awed and oowed by the expectator. This year I got the privilege to be a part of it with my 2 photos "Mi principe Azul" and "Banana"/"Naturaleza Muerta". To learn more about the exhibit check out my facebook fan page.