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Dec 29, 2012

Fries with that


 I am very excited about this post, I finally am wearing the black milk leggings I ordered on that huge black friday sale. They fit perfectly and the 8 bit food is yummy to the eye! I though that the superman cooking was a grate pair for the leggings!


Dec 21, 2012

Another way


I already said that I really like this yellow jumper romper from the designer Hector Omar, so iv'e been playing around with it to see how versatile is the piece. In this outfits, I decided to tone down the craziness from the last time I wore it and let the piece shine on itself.

Oh! and new items up at my store!




Dec 18, 2012



This jeans are a dream! Got them on a great deal on etsy. Been wearing them non stop ever since! The sheer red dress is stunning! A great vintage find!

Dec 11, 2012

Os Gemeos


This jumpsuit is a very fun piece of woork! It's made by a local designer called Hector Omar, who (as you can see) has a very structural and symmetric take on fashion.I kinda look from outer space! I paired the jumper to a elaborate beaded corset and to make it a bit more fun some bart Simpson leggings. And of course, THE MURAL behind me. Painted by the very famous Os Gemeos when they came to Puerto Rico many years ago. THe perfect setting for this jumper! I have so many outfits thought out for this jumper, that I think you will be seeing it pop out every once in a while.
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Dec 6, 2012





We are very proud to have these on the store!!!!
Heatherette + Irregular choice back from 07 fashion show!

And more shoes!


Dec 5, 2012


It is time to get this program off the air!
Here in Puerto Rico we have a real problem with this show called “La Comay” that is embodied by a doll. This doll talks about the latest gossip in the country. The problem is, she exploits people, the news she gives everyday are racist, homophobic, crude expressions that go against everything good we try to make of this little island… aaaand she is still on the air. Wapa is the tv channel her program is on. The person behind this doll has a lot of money and power. It has to be stopped. She is a pusher of violence and provokes discordance between the people of Puerto Rico.
Let’s go viral and get this program unfunded and off the AIR!!!!!
The illustration is made by Steven Rice

Dec 2, 2012




 This was a very fun outfit to shoot! We originally went to a local plaza in Old San Juan and shoot on a mint wall. As we went home we passed and upcoming hotel that is not open to the public yet. We notices a loooooot cool light games inside and to our luck the lobby was unattended and the door was a bit open. So we saw that there was no one in the lobby and took the chance and player around with the lights and the outfit! I was really excited to see how the lights bounced off the clothes and how the color was interacting. I couldn't have worn my favorite Tripp bolt pants on a better night! You can also tell I had fun making gifs :P

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