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Jun 28, 2009


"Heartsevolution are family of people pulled together
by cosmic forces to spread art and love and have decided
collectively that this is important and what the world needs. "

Formed by
"Ben" and "Lo", the NY-based band that have an amazing mix between sound and visual pleasure. I discovered there audio greatness through the online magazine Dazed & Confused which lead to in a mad search of this band. There music I don't want to put it in a specific genre cause it would be generalizing them. I can say that to me, they remind me of screams of karen-O. Still this band is worth taking a look. So do that for me :D

Reading stuff on the band, I found this interview from cannibal cheerleader that I would like to share with everyone:

CC:How would you describe your music? An amalgamation of electro and rock? Techno? Undefined? Ben:We have a bunch of songs that I think sound pretty different, but they are electronic, pop, punk. Lo: i hate the word electro..and i am pretty sure i don't like electro music. i hate the word makes me think of kids who are sucking on pacifiers w/ those weird kanye west shades CC: How important is the visual aspect to the Heartsrevolution world? Should fans consider their experience incomplete unless they see you live? Ben: It's super important. The visual aspect of heartschallenger plays a big role here and this actually preceded the music. Sometimes it's frustrating to not have the means to make the visual aspect known. We have so many specific ideas whether it's videos, live show, etc. Like, we don't know how to use photoshop. Luckily we have some close friends that are involved though and help us get things done. Lo: god is in the details. it is important to me to create things that are a reflection of the things that make me want to wake up in the morning. . CC: What's your live show like for the uninitiated? Ben: A technicolor light up disco floor w/ mosh pit. Or at least it will be! Kate: The live show is where I come into the band, I joined after working with the band on the first record. It seemed right, I wanted to start working in moving image and to push the idea of a visual representation for the music to another level completely. I think a fully considered performance is what the viewers and listeners deserve. People don't just come to hear the music, they want to see and absorb everything, and we strive to improve and make that the most exciting experience possible. CC: You recently had a split EP with Crystal Castles and it would seem that your two groups are at the forefront of a new musical movement. Do you feel your music is innovative in this way? Lo: cc make great music which is why i wanted to do something with them in the first place.. a friend that worked at vice magazine in the uk told me about them and suggested we do a split. but they are liars and i would love to have it out with them..i am sure that day isn't far away. our paths will cross and it will come down to a blind folded knife fight...because i am an unforgiving scorpio. other than the fact that "alice" and i both have vaginas...and ben and "ethan" both have penises there isn't really much else we have in common. CC: Do you identify with Crystal Castles and how has their success affected you? Lo: i love and believe in a lot of what "alice" says. she is a great writer. most people that ask me about them don't even understand what she is saying..i think that is funny. and their most popular song bugs the fuck out of me...i don't like crimewave at all. i can still remember 2 years ago "ethan" singing it at cmj /fort fader party...i guess it's much better having her lip sing it. CC: What bands most influence you? Lo: sonic youth, nirvana... a bunch of the riot grrrl bands i listened to growing bikini kill, comet gain, huggy bear. i used to work at an all age club called jabberjaw when i was 14 and would put on shows..that place was magical and i got to experience this tiny glitch in time that i probably wouldn't have if i was still in school and going to bed by 9pm. Ben: Everything that I've listened to does. It could be bowie or the strokes or daft punk or the beatles or young mc or so many others. CC: What acts are you listening to right now? Lo: i don't really like most music. one of our songs...called teenage teardrops, we are doing the vocals this week and i have had it on repeat. when i need a break i listen to the sads. they are brilliant and are a good place to go to clear my head. CC: Favorite songs (both ones you listen to and ones you've done)? Lo: smells like teen spirit. Ben: Stop in the name of love, the sound of silence, today was a good day, private eyes, she said she said, let the good times roll, young americans, liquid swords CC: What does the future hold for Heartsrevolution? Lo: collaborations and touring the world in the ice cream trucks so that kids everywhere experience this thing we have built. CC: Can we expect a full-length soon? More EPs? Lo: Yes, both! Full length early 2009.. Switchblade Ep out on iheartcomix Oct 21st. Switchblade remix single on iheartcomix...release date: TBA but i think in Nov. We have one of our tracks. "ultraviolence" out on the next Kitsune comp in Oct., split 7" symbolone the split w/ symbolone is going to be limited edition and self released but it is top secret! you will have to check our myspace for details Kate: Much more to come, total world domination!!!

and to finish, some videos!

my favorite

Jun 26, 2009

Eternal GLORY?

I think it's pretty clear what I'm talking about....

bai bai MJ

Even though he went trough an ever lasting trial, an infinity of accusations
and really bad publicity his last years of life, people can't deny the contribution
and change he made to music. Without him, things wouldn't be were they are...

Jun 23, 2009

Repeat in my head...













and of course the comedy one..

My Milk Toof

Created by Inhae , Milk Toof are a series of storys about this little tooth's that lives with a person who takes care of them. The images are very simple, but the story and different sequence in the hand made tooth's expressions are beautiful. A little of cuteness overload for today.

The Story of the creator

When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?

Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. It's name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!

Jun 21, 2009

oh lovely

Thank god this designers dosen't have a store near here, cause I would go
without thinking it twice with my savings in hand. HAHAH... ok I'm exaggerating.
I need my savings :P Still, the dresses and prints that Mary Katrantzou does are
just the best thinkg on clothes with jewels.

Jun 19, 2009

A beut


lines and lines

This artist drawings are not just what you see, she takes them from paper to walls and floors and creates this parallel world. Life size drawings that I would love in my house any day.


Charlotte Mann is an artist known for her large life-sized drawings. She was born in London where she currently lives and works. She graduated from Central St Martin's Fashion Design Women's wear BA in 2000, and worked in the various fields of fashion design, styling, and illustration, before focusing on her artwork.
She worked for Russell Sage, designing and producing show pieces (including a dress made from real bank notes, now archived in the V&A, and pieces made with antique animal skins, which were featured in an exhibition at the Metropollitan Museum of Art in New York). She also designed for, amongst others: Laura Ashley, Kickers and Okini, and she was the costume designer and stylist for Eddie Izzard's Sexie tour.
The shift to the art work she is currently involved in came in september 2006 when she created the 30 meter long densely detailed hand drawn back drop for Peter Jensen's Spring/Summer 2007 show. since then she has created pieces for a number of different clients including India Knight, The School Of Life and B-Store.
Charlotte had been teaching for the University Of The Arts since 2001, she is an Associate Lecturer at St Martin's, Chelsea School of Art and Camberwell College of Art, and curates the Camberwell Foundation Film program, at the Vue Cinema Leicester Square, attracting guests such as Mike Leigh, Lynne Ramsay and Bruno Dumont. She also teaches at The Prince's Drawing School.

Jun 17, 2009

Jun 13, 2009

Jun 12, 2009



THIS is the type of thing that I wanted to see now. Work like what Benbo George is doing. I don't know if I'm talking shit, but it keeps screaming surrealism to me. It gives me that feel, but with different tools. I want to fill my room of his art-design-work. I think I found my new obsession.

Jun 9, 2009

something good, something great

Petros Chrisostomou

I love overwhelming sculptures and installation art. looking through one of my fav sites, I passed this amazing artist called Petros Chrisostomou, who deff is not afraid of scale. I'm sure it would be a really nice experience to see this up front.

He says in his site:
My work is concerned with object/context relationships and explores a gamut of ideas and methods in order to arrive at a finished product.

In recent years I have developed a photographic practice that has enabled me to extrapolate ready-made objects from environments I have been influenced by, and regurgitate them to a desired effect.

This "still life" photography, highlights the qualities in the objects that I would like to pronounce, and in most cases, by juxtaposing them with particular scenarios, subverts our expectations towards them. The sensation of the uncanny is achieved through a disjunction in the work, due to the contrasting elements that have been combined, that allows the viewer to speculate the real and the imaginary and therefore may lend itself to the ideologies of the surrealists. I am interested in the connection between the real and the unreal, the physical and the non -physical and note the works of Jean Baudrillard, Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes (amongst others, Franz Kafka for that existentialist point of view) to be beneficial to my research.

I like to think that I am working within a certain set of rules that is similar to artists that use the constructed image, yet what distinguishes my work from this genre of contemporary photography is the perversion of scale that I use as a device to bring the ironies in my work to the forefront of the viewer’s attention. Indeed there is an element of entertainment to this scale gimmick that I feel is crucial in capturing the attention of the viewer so that they can then speculate the underlying facets to the work. These being the geo-social and political connotations that manifest themselves as explorations of class/ taste and identity.

My experiences in Asia enabled me to further understand the value of any given object depending on where the object happened to find itself. Almost any item from toothpaste to livestock, real estate to human life was open to question and the utilitarian, social, cultural and monetary qualities that each had were ambiguous (perhaps priceless) in the sense that they had no value until it was determined by a given situation.

In summary, I feel that my work is about extremes and I continue to pursue this. Works like "Banandosh" and "Hero" from the 18 Fortis Green series (an interpretation of my childhood home from memory) stand as totems to the romantic ideas of hope and aspiration, yet maintain a sense of grounding on various different obvious and less obvious ways. Whilst more recent works like "Slut", "Lips" and "Orgy", become parody’s of themselves, and poke fun at the art world and the idea of art as a commodity. The free -standing sculptures add another dimension to the dialogue between fact and fiction.

Jun 8, 2009

aaaand moore crap

I know all my content today has been kinda crappy but this is kind of awsome...
I would looveeee for a hammer mob to dance around me in shiny hammer pants

One more thing, The new American art

2 things...

First, this chalk animation I saw at BOOOOOOOM, called autumn story.
Co-directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber, the music video for Firekites’

The second. For people looking for a different alternative in summer. This is deff it.

something cheesy

I always repeat to myself