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Oct 29, 2008

L Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy was a very versatile artist, covering the fields of photography,
typography, painting, sculpture and industrial design. He was one of the many
results that produced the Bauhaus and influenced by Russian constructivism.

"Moholy considered himself a painter, first and foremost. His short autobiography,
Abstract of an Artist (1944), gives an account of how his art evolved. He wrote
that at first his work was figurative because he found the contemporary art of
his day chaotic. He didn’t understand Cubism, Fauvism, or Futurism. He studied
the drawings of artists like Rembrandt and van Gogh and became fascinated by
the expressive power of lines alone without halftones. Then he began to study
composition and, finally, the effects of color on composition. He made collages
of juxtaposed colored paper strips and carried these configurations over into
paintings of agricultural fields."

He experimented with the photographic process called photogram. And strongly believed
in technology being used in art. He is a very complete artist and surely one of the most
influential in design, can we say his work was design more than art?. He did so much and
went so many places, you can check he's complete biography at the Moholy-Nagy Foundation.

Here are some more images:

I got a job

I FINALLY am working (as a paid graphic designer)

oh dear...

I drew this, but not for this post.. It just fits.

Oct 27, 2008

Wish Anna Piaggi was my grandma

In the past weeks I've been re-discovering clothes that I forgot about and due to my
no budget status, Ive been trying to re-interpret some pieces and actually wearing
others. Because of my limited closet space, the clothes disappear within the full skirts
and dresses that are always commanding space.

This outfit is actually a skirt that I got tired of wearing about more than a year ago and
got lost in the depths of my closet. The belt makes the "dress" more believable, creating
the empire cut that I love or how my friends would say "Este traje me hace ver preñá".
To finish the look, the belt was adorned with a vintage brooch and some nine west silver
sneakers, that are not shown in the pictures. And VIOLA!!!! a new look that dosen't
make my pocket scream from pain.

Este traje me hace ver preñá= This dress makes me look pregnant| the preggers look

A lovely lady

The drawing above I did for one of many proposals I was working along side
my bff ( he's the child from the marriage of design and art :P ) and fellow
designers for a jewelry store. Unfortunately, up until now the proposal has
only gone as far as sketches and drawings. One day i'll show the rest of the
things we did for this jewerly maker, I still have faith this project will go farther
from pen and paper.

Oct 25, 2008

Laura Laine

The beautiful illustrations from Laura Laine are breathtaking. Anyone who likes
drawing would get a kick from looking through her page. The softness in the
shadows, the flowing hair and movements that almost convey an ethereal feeling,
is a piece of fresh air. Like Sansartifice describes her work:
"More than just conjuring mental images of favorite models Laine’s work
also serves to present things we probably would not see elsewhere. Her
drawings allow for a series of intriguing oddities - hair bleeding out into
watery ink stains, bodyparts connected into sprawling letters and perhaps
most tellingly - Balenciaga styled with something other than Balenciaga.

The adorable pipsqueek

"In an old house in Paris covered with vines,
lived 12 little girls in two straight lines...

And so begins the story that has become a classic from Ludwig Bellman, published
in 1939. When one's a kid there are always shows that you never stop watching. Or
in my case, maybe I'm the only weirdo who does that, ha ha. It's those type of cartoon
that leave you with a nostalgic feeling from being a kid. I remember that one of my
favorites was The busy world of Richard Scary, which I watched with my sister when she
was a baby, and specially Madeline. I think what fascinated me about it, is that it took
place in Paris, maybe that's when my infatuation about living abroad started. I'm trying
to find a cheap lot of Madeline dvd's on eBay, let's see if I have any luck.

"We are writing for children, but not for idiots."

"That's all there is, there isn't any more

Oct 24, 2008

Let's forget the tags

Anyone that sees this post , would say I'm late on this collection. But ever since I saw it
my mind keeps going back to it, when looking for references when I'm dressing. Each
outfit is unique while heavily adorned with plaid, sequins, stripes, lame, glitter, florals
and little details that make each ensemble unique from the rest. I really love this collection
along with the others I have mentioned in this blog. It reminds me a lot from the style of
clothing in the impressionists paintings, but without the big butts. Style isn't just one look,
one concept and one way of doing things, we have to be open to experiment with any type
of clothing.

Marc Jacobs SS 09 from PressWhore on Vimeo.

Source and pictures: | Sansartifice

Don't worry, I'll leave it dry

I was playing with my camera at home, and saw some huge christmas balls my mother has in her room, so i decided to play with them. I'm sure Tyra would have something to say about my eyes.

13 beauties


Oct 23, 2008

Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude.

I want to talk about the 13 year documentation of
Rotterdam-based photographer
Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek.
In Lifelounge they wrote:

"The two were inspired by a shared interest in the dress codes
of various social groups and have systematically documented
some of these identities over the last 13 years.

They call their series Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude.

By registering their subjects in an identical framework, with similar
poses and a strictly observed dress code, Versluis and Uyttenbroek provide an almost scientific, anthropological record of people's
attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity."
Here are some of the pictures:

Source & Images: lifelounge and exactitudes

Samboe logo

The pictures shown, are an identity a did for a music group. the first one below,
is a complicated diamond shape illustration which can be used in t shirts and big
prints. The second is a variation from the one shown above, which the group finally
decided to stay with. The third variation below is the logo with an specific hue of
gray as the background color, so the logo will jump out because of the types of blues
used, which are meant to be for that specific purpose. The name came on later,
because the group didn't have a name when I did the logo, even though I spent
many hours telling them that the name was a crucial part. They went on to put the
name themselves and picked a serif-Egyptian type font which messed up the whole
concept of the logo, even though I tried to tell 'em to change it and they didn't so,
end of story.

Oct 21, 2008

Hyeres Fashion Shows 2008

I love Diane's runway show videos

YAY for me!

More than a year ago, I submitted some designs and illustrations to Sketchel series 2,
"A sketchel is a one of a kind, customized shoulder bag, featuring an original design
incorporated within the bag, by some of the freshest, most talented artists in the world
" Months passed and I never got to an email or anything from this people again.
I thought I wasted all the money my parents had invested in me, and after some time
forgot about this project.

Today I get an email that the sketchel series 2 just released. I went to the site lik
e hell
was going to burn my finger if a didn't, and searched my name like a high schooler who
knocks everyone out of the way to see if they've made the team\club. I saw my name, my
designs (all 5 of them) and gooshh so much time had passed I forgot about it and now
I'm on there page.. POW!..I feel like a kid with candy. BECAUSE this was a while back, I
didn't have this blog and linked to myspace so people could see my work.. WRONG...I'm
making he necessary changes with the sketchel team, so they can link me back to here.
But still, BUY MY ONE OF A KIND BAG.... thank you :D:D:D

In the near future I will make a post showing the 5 designs that made it to sketchel. :D

*Click image to enlarge

Oct 19, 2008

label me not

I feel British today, but only the cliche movie type with the heavy prints and
multi layering(which I adore). Obviously I wasn't going to smoke a pipe, drink
tea or wear round glasses(sorry for the labeling my overseas friends), but I
really think all of this influence comes from all the blogs I've been reading for
some time. Still, I was going to a fashion thing and I wanted to look different
from the high-waisted, 60's dress look. I forgot to button a.... button? and to
tell my sister to squash a bit, to look taller.

Ok, ok ok enough rubbish, and let's see the pictures to this outfit.

Blazer: My mum's closet velvet blazer
Dress: Charlotte Russe ruffle dress
Skirt: Marciano brown/gold lace skirt
Sneakers: Brown Zara sneakers
Socks: Dad's drawer soffffft socks
Tie: My bff tie ( he gave it to me after he's wife threw it out)
Vest: I only remember that I got it really cheap

One more thing... Which photo do you fancy?

*click the images to make them big.

Like a pearl

Ever since I saw his work at the art fair Circa 08 that takes place here in Puerto Rico,
I've been tracking down
Hendrik Kerstens portraits. I really love when artists go back
to the Renascence and bring back there Vermeer-Velazquez type of aesthetic:
"A number of the portraits of Paula are very reminiscent of Johannes Vermeer.
The austerity of the photograph, its clarity, the serene expression on the young
girl’s face, untouched by the experiences of adult life and, not least, the
characteristic ‘Dutch’ light, all combine to create this impression."
Kerstens for most of his pictures his model has been his daughter. Ever since he
took up photography in 1995 he's "wanted to document all the important moments
in her life, to ‘be there’, to capture something of the fleeting moments that fade from
memory all too quickly".


Oct 17, 2008

I miss you every day

"CHANGE can be a burden"

Said Andy Warhol and everything Ive read that he says, I find to be totally true.
Like this overly used/sold quote from he's book:

"The most exciting thing is not doing it. If you fall in love
with someone and never do it, it's much more exciting."

I hate transitions that are out of my comfort zone.
I mean, who dosen't?


*Translation of image text= transition. | the image I did for a typography class

Oct 16, 2008

5 5 5 5 5

I don't know what happened today, but looks like the universe heard my calling,
the lord heard my prayers and the planets aligned strangely and delivered some
really cute shoes in a price I
never expected to find. "OH-MA-GAWD!!!" $5 honey.
They may not be, Louboutin
, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Chanel or YSL. But I know I can
pull them off with many many outfits...YES...

*pics by me

Between shadows

Beautiful pictures from animo.

hl o

This is an illustration for a book I did on my overly talked Spain trip.