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Oct 27, 2014


 photo 3-53.jpg

I unintentionally paired this top with the halloween season, but I finally got the chance to use this cool patterned shirt from American Apparel. I don't usually use red, but the pattern is so good and simple that I had to get it. The best thing about this shirt Is that I bought it at half price at the NY outlet. I had been eyeing this shirt the whole time when I was on my trip back in july. Found the outlet and they had the shirt super cheap! Nothing better like like a great bargain.

  photo 2-71.jpg

Oct 14, 2014


 photo 5-27.jpg

 A simple look. Paired off with a chunky necklace and some chunky Aggy Docs. I had fun in the post production of this look, creating the grid pattern for the background. You know how obsessed I get with patterns and this one being geometrical is deff a must.

  photo 1-31.jpg