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Dec 31, 2011


My bf was trying out his new cam. This is a video of stuff he did that day.

Dec 28, 2011

The Runner

About a month ago I did a shoot for a colab of a new line of skirts of Concalma and Sally Torres. After the shoot was done we were very happy with the final outcome of the pictures, so we decided to submit them to Matte Mag. They were posted on the website a few days ago! GO see!!!!

Dec 26, 2011

Dec 24, 2011


I love giving gifts, love doing research on the person and coming up with a joke or something personal. This year in a gift exchange i got a friend who is currently doing a masters in Design history in DC. Like me, he loves design. So I decided to make him a book about him. The book is constructed entirely by hand and all illustrations were inspired by inside jokes, things he hates and likes. He is also a chair freak, and by that I mean furniture made by top designers in the field in the 20th century. Below are pictures form the book and the gift giving party. Enjoy!

This is arthur

The book

Here he is just after!

The Book of Comedians

Awesome illustrative work by Steven Rice. He made a comedian's book form A to Z, as he himself is a fellow comedian and improviser, it was a true fit that he did this book. My favorite comedian is Mitch Hedgberg and Demetri Martin, both of there routines are awesome jokes and punchlines done in a calm way.

Join him on facebook!

Dec 22, 2011


I'm really happy that there are people here who are doing something for others, no matter how small. Unfortunately the press dosen't care about this type of news, but fortunately we spread thi around the social networking sites so that hopefully enough people will see this and be inspired to stop whining and start doing. Good job guys.

Dec 20, 2011


Great music... the video is unexpectedly beautiful and disturbing.

90's gettup

A bit of a 90's attitude before an improv show. Shot by my friend Felix De Portu.


Dead Man's Bones may be my newest fav band and not just because It's Ryan Gosling's band. It surprised me that this guy can actually play, sing and write. He is a silent monster, watch out. Watch the video here.

Dec 15, 2011


I've recently became aqquainted with the work of Jessica Eaton. As you may know I have a thing for light and colors and prisms, Her work is in experimentation of technical and conceptual beauty. In her latest Cubes "For Albers and Lewitt" she focuses on the "discrepancy between physical fact and psychic effect," Eaton's images add "multiple exposures and colored lights" to plain, monochromatic cubes to create enchanting graphics. With a 4x5 camera, she starts with white, black and gray cubes, then shoots them under red, green and blue gels to capture the amazing colors we see here. Her only inspires me more to dewll in this field of experimental photography. You can check her tumblr and stuff she likes.

“Her work explores what photography is and can be, looking at the themes of light, time and spatial relations. Creating images of geometry and colour that play with the viewers perceptions, all Eaton’s images are created in-camera. No post at all. Which is pretty impressive, especially with the photographs toward the bottom of this page – undoubted homages to Josef Albers and Victor Vasarely - a couple of which look almost entirely computer-generated. The experimental colour photographic work of James Welling seems to have spurred a generation of young photographers to experiment with what can be achieved with the medium, and Eaton is pushing things in an interesting direction, along with peers such as Caleb Charland and Niall McClelland. When she works, she has no clear defined final image in mind when she begins each series, instead setting out with an idea of what the outcome may be, but going with the flow. As she says, “each time I shoot, the results influence the next step. I often like to leave a lot of space for accidents to happen and am most satisfied with the work when it takes on a life of its own.” It seems that she is only just beginning to touch on what can be achieved, and we’re going to watch her evolution with interest.” – via Field of Vision

Dec 1, 2011


THIS person loved Drive... I love this amazing fan made animation.

Nov 29, 2011

Nov 27, 2011

weird and... weird

This creeps me out, but at the same time I want to wear it.. A finger around my finger. Creepy but interesting. Can't stop looking away, but still i want one. It's weird. You can find it here.

Nov 26, 2011

Draw me like this

I don't know why i like this illustration so much. Probably it's the colours, white pale skin with pastels. Wish I knew where's this from. Maybe I'll do one for myself.

Nov 21, 2011

The book!

The print version was lent to me so I could take some portfolio pictures. Here they are!

Nov 20, 2011

Roberto Paradise

A friendly stroll through San Juan one afternoon led to bump into Francisco Rullan who was at the doorstep of his gallery, Roberto Paradise. He invited us in to see the latest exhibit by Chaveli Sifre. The space of this gallery is very well used. An open space with a lot of tinted windows that creates a relaxed feeling from the hectic city, noise and cars. I posted a few pictured from my visit to the gallery, hope you guys enjoy!

A video from the current exhibit.

Nov 18, 2011


On this song. Will be watching the movie soon... oh yes

More Docs!

But... they're fake! I wanted to give some fake martens a try. Such beuts, but the quality obviouly doesn't match to the originals. Still, they look awesome!


Ventura is a book created by Steven Rice, where artist from Puerto Rico collab in this great book. The dynamic of Ventura starts with an artist writing about something. Then that essay or poem or critic is given to an illustrator and he turns it into an image. Theeen, this illustration done by this artist goes to another writer that speaks through pen and pencil about this illustration and so on. It' a really fun dynamic and being a part of it, I can tell you it's a ton of fun. The process of the book is quite funny, cause you see how from page to page each interpretation transforms the whole idea into something else. If you want to understand better this great concept I suggest you take a look yourself!!! Visit the book here, like it here and get to see behind the scenes and sketches here! Up is my collaboration to this book and below are a few shots from my illustration.

This is just volume one, can't wait for #2!

Nov 13, 2011


Stella Nolasco 2011 " The great Escape" . Wonderful pieces. Specially the see though dresses. Below are a few shots of the runway show. Hope you guys enjoy!