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Mar 31, 2011


Outfit of the week. I friend told me that with this one,
I win the weirdest outfit of the world...
I can live with that :D

Mar 25, 2011


I will marry you.... Wish i could live in his paintings. Zawada's paintings are amazingly beautiful and the colors very well done. What blew my mind is that this is oil painting, the amount of work that went into this paintings is incredible. Of course, I've only ventured in acrylic so anything done in oil is fascinating to me.From the exhibition Over Time, you can see "... large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data (displayed as printed mirrors on accompanying plinths), modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders."

Flight 77, Oil on linen  59.06 x 46.06 inches149.9 x 117 cm
Notes Vs Tokes, Oil on linen  43.31 x 43.31 inches110 x 110 cm
Money Problems, Oil on linen  37.4 x 59.06 inches95 x 150 cm
Populations, Oil on linen  37.01 x 78.74 inches  94 x 200 cm

Other works By Zawada


Mar 24, 2011

the look

Currently loving metronomy's music. The video is a great complement to the song. The animation is really really nice. I'm waiting for them to release there newest stuff on April!

Mar 21, 2011


One my closest friends and amazing artist, Orlando Santiago got his design printed on Threadless! The second for Puerto Rico!!! woooo! He is a very talented ilustrator\designer\musician. You may NOT recognise him under a blonde wig in Radical. He is Rad. You can also follow him on Tumblr with Left Hook, a group of illustrators from Pueto Rico. Coincidentally, during the release of his design at the threadless site, there is a 2 day sale going on where all the tees (even the new ones) are $10. So GO an get a chance to own a deisgn made by Orlando!

Mar 16, 2011

There's no such thing

A bit of a narcissistic post. Im in love with this outfit, what the picture doesn't show ( cause I forgot to show 'em) is that this pants have spikes on the sides. the shoes are sparkly sequins that i dream of. Not much of a depth post, just wanted to show off the outfit.

Mar 15, 2011

Aled know's best

The Great Gatsy | Book Cover Design

Aled Lewis, is a graphic design/illutrator from the UK with some very sharp skills. He has quite a few t-shirts printed at , so if you recognize his work here, It's probably from a shirt. I really love when i does really simple, minimalists designs, the message is killer.

He did this a few days ago. Via his tumblr he was encouraging people to donate to the red cross.
8.9 (Donate to Japan relief effort via Just Giving or American Red Cross)

More Works
The Parasite

An American Werewolf In LondonThe Sands Of Time

I am currently IN LOVE with this series of pictures.
Shaaadup!Born This Way
Nobody Likes A Show OffMakeweight

so... ive been on and off with the domain name for the site.

Currently Its I tested for a while, but it just didin't feel right

If anyone can help me on info to redirect supakidnow to supa-kid would be real helpfull!

so when you search for THIS supakid, type in


Mar 13, 2011


I took this picture from the 8th floor of one of the finest and most luxurious condo's that are popping all over santurce. Condo's starting at half a million dollars to talk cheap. It really just gets to me that places like this put a price on culture. Selling you a view, a doorman and a high-end, pre-made box for you to be seperate of REAL people. Making everything unaccessible and private, available to you just for a few good millions. It reallllyyyy ticks me off...

De la Nada

Improv is a discipline widely known over the world. Popularized in the states by shows like "Whose line is it anyway" it's had an awakening in this tiny island. De la nada is a recently formed improv group, founded by Esteban Ruiz. He's giving a beginner improv classes in La Inter De Derecho in Hato Rey for enthusiasts all over the island. Anyone can go, teachers, actors, writers, mothers, kids, the elderly, anyone who has an interest for stories and having fun. Below a few videos and pictures from there latest event. Check out there facebook page and subscribe to the newsletter here.

For mor info you can write at

Pictures from there last show

Videos from the show

Mar 9, 2011


One of the perks of working with someone who owns a line of tote bags is not only hanging around cool people, but getting a beautifully amazing patterned bag. Im crazy with it, the colors, the pattern, the lines, I take it everywhere.

Mar 7, 2011

La Bici

Last thursday night was a celebration of bicijangueo at la Respuesta.
It was celebrated with bici documentals, visitors form afar and a pop shop.
Bacanal released a special edition of the magazine contributing to this event.
My friends and myself made it in this special ed. :D.
Photos from the event and the mag below. Enjoy!

Orlando Santiago(top left) and apparallel universe(right)

Steven Rice


From the party

Mar 6, 2011


The man that talks during the whole first minute of the video and starts playing the "bandoneon" after 1:45 is my grandad's brother. This takes place in a train to Tigre in Argentina. This makes me very happy to see a stranger captured him in character  and I can see him in all his musical glory all the way in Puerto Rico. It  really makes me wonder what am I missing. Thank you stranger with a cam for making my day!

Mar 4, 2011


As you may have read in my last post, I've been playing around for quite a while with the idea of an "official" website. I've looked at many portfolio hosting sites and tried them out for a while, but never making up my mind to where should I exhibit my work. So, for now( you can see the connection to the domain there) will be where most of my work is, the same go for the tumblr and blog. On the main page is the recent post on my tumblr ( you'll see a link that lets you follow me), which would be the recent post on my blog, because i've got my blog redirecting the posts to tumblr as images. Still you can click any post and you get redirected to my blog. Its a loop really. It may sound complicated, but its really simple. As for the, I couldn't get around to dividing the word (supa-kid) so my friends suggested to add a now, sense the sites will have something happening always and the domain is until I can get my hands on the

so for now, check out my portfolio at

Mar 1, 2011

.com .co .watever

SO.... for a few months... or a year... I've been toying with the idea of getting a .com....
The only thing keeping me from doing it is that is already taken. (Damn them all!!!) I'm looking at my options and figuring out what to do. The site that has the domain I want expires on september, but it seemes sooooooo farrrrrrrrrrrr awaaaay in time. I want it now :P...

So my options are this:
i wanted it without the - , but it HAS a .com :\

it has the complete name how i like it, but there is something missing
... oh yeah... the m in coM.

It's a debate between esthetics and .... ok its just that... It's purely for the eyes.
If anybody reads this blog, what do you say?
Give in to the - and brake the word in half
or stop the bs and use the .co?

decisions decision....

De Portu

The picture above was taken by a photographer friend of mine, Felix De Portu. He's doing a series of portraits that include his friends when they visit him to his apt. Check the complete series here.