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Oct 6, 2008

DONT read this

Its 5 am and I'm sleepy and kinda having a bad night, thought I'd ran some
therapy by letting it all out, so if you don't wan't to read anything pathetically
stupid, I suggest you skip to the next post. Here are my sleepless thoughts:

As Ive come to grow and experience in the short time Ive been present, Ive come
to the conclusion that as I get older there are people in my life that up until this
moment mean a great deal to me and in a great deal I mean Ive made them my
life. As I experience and grow through the rough patches that life has put me though,
those that really matter will always be in my mind, remembering them where I go and
the moments shared with them will never be replaced, staying with me in the back
of my head. A fairy tail ending in a move always makes me want to kick the TV, 'cause
when your a kid they make you grow in ignorance believing the "life is perfect"shit and
not of what real endings are actually meant to be like. Sometimes I've gone to think
that something is perfect, (even with all its rough edges) and that it just fits, but I
don't get what or why it didn't come to fully fit, and it makes me angry and sad because
I feel I'm wasting good time and it's right there but you can't do anything about it. Ive
come to
the conclusion by my own experiences that the more you live the harder
it is to let others
enter your life. Its difficult to describe it. You become so attached to
the few your never willing to let go of, no matter what, even if time seems like hell. GET
OVER YOUR SORRY ASS...youre thinking. BAH! we always carry baggage and even though
sometimes decisions are made for us and you can't really do anything about it, you go along
with it(while I bitch and whine alone) you just regain hope and enjoy what you got, while
you can. Like I said in my first post PARDON my english, everythings gets mixed in my head,
speacially at this hour.

I'm hungry, I'm going to sleep

*image from an old sketch

1 comment:

psykonimus' said...

I totally understand you. And you probably have an idea of why, but there's more. A lot more.