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Nov 29, 2011

Nov 27, 2011

weird and... weird

This creeps me out, but at the same time I want to wear it.. A finger around my finger. Creepy but interesting. Can't stop looking away, but still i want one. It's weird. You can find it here.

Nov 26, 2011

Draw me like this

I don't know why i like this illustration so much. Probably it's the colours, white pale skin with pastels. Wish I knew where's this from. Maybe I'll do one for myself.

Nov 21, 2011

The book!

The print version was lent to me so I could take some portfolio pictures. Here they are!

Nov 20, 2011

Roberto Paradise

A friendly stroll through San Juan one afternoon led to bump into Francisco Rullan who was at the doorstep of his gallery, Roberto Paradise. He invited us in to see the latest exhibit by Chaveli Sifre. The space of this gallery is very well used. An open space with a lot of tinted windows that creates a relaxed feeling from the hectic city, noise and cars. I posted a few pictured from my visit to the gallery, hope you guys enjoy!

A video from the current exhibit.

Nov 18, 2011


On this song. Will be watching the movie soon... oh yes

More Docs!

But... they're fake! I wanted to give some fake martens a try. Such beuts, but the quality obviouly doesn't match to the originals. Still, they look awesome!


Ventura is a book created by Steven Rice, where artist from Puerto Rico collab in this great book. The dynamic of Ventura starts with an artist writing about something. Then that essay or poem or critic is given to an illustrator and he turns it into an image. Theeen, this illustration done by this artist goes to another writer that speaks through pen and pencil about this illustration and so on. It' a really fun dynamic and being a part of it, I can tell you it's a ton of fun. The process of the book is quite funny, cause you see how from page to page each interpretation transforms the whole idea into something else. If you want to understand better this great concept I suggest you take a look yourself!!! Visit the book here, like it here and get to see behind the scenes and sketches here! Up is my collaboration to this book and below are a few shots from my illustration.

This is just volume one, can't wait for #2!

Nov 13, 2011


Stella Nolasco 2011 " The great Escape" . Wonderful pieces. Specially the see though dresses. Below are a few shots of the runway show. Hope you guys enjoy!

Nov 8, 2011


You know those endless reblogg post where your giong crazy of who did what and where's this from? Well this image is exactly that. If anybody knows whast designer did this, hit me up.
I would like to research more on the designer working on this fabrics. Although I'm quite confident it has something to do on the latest Japan Fashion Week ...or... maybe not.

Nov 5, 2011


SIX Footwear hooked up with 6 bloggers to make some foot delight. The ones shown here are from the wonderful mind of Sussie Bubble. Check the rest here.
The result, six very unique and limited edition shoes, are here revealed on Dazed Digital and won't be officially launched until November 22. The high heels from the girls and the two boots from the boys all carry the characteristic qualitative signs of SIX footwear, having produced shoes for b Store, Ksubi, Swear and Opening Ceremony since 2001. But - and that's what makes this collaborative effort great - there's also traces of five unique and charismatic blogger minds in there as well!

Nov 4, 2011


Amazing work by the artist Alenka Sottler.
the site 50 watts led me to her wonderful work as a adult and children's book illustrator.

Here's her bio:

Alenka Sottler (b. 1958, Slovenia) was born into a creative family and began her art practice early on, as a child by the side of her father, an academic sculptor. Later she pursued her formal university education in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

A prolific author, she has illustrated more than forty books for children and adults. She has also been the recipient of numerous prestigious national and international awards, and has exhibited widely at home as well as abroad.

I asked Alenka to describe her technique:

Essential for my creative process is the ability to use extreme simplification, which opens up surprising worlds and a space for creative play. I am lead by the joy of discovering the new, a respect for the material and its nature.

I produce seemingly extremely complex visual forms in an astoundingly simple manner. In my drawings I behave like someone who partakes in nature’s processes. I find an interesting abstract structure. I grasp its visual essence and its hidden logic. I add to it with its own laws of growth.

For example: What a beautiful trace a metal comb makes if you pull it across some fresh black paint on white paper. I understand that the strong impression is created by the multitude of parallel thin black and white lines, which wind across the surface of the paper. In this abstract space I see the scene. Using a brush, that creates the same fine lines in black or white paint, I add to the structure..., which then grows into a new organism—an illustration, and eventually into a book, perhaps. I begin from any kind of structure—see my letter illustrations for instance. In this process, I am influenced by the concept of evo-devo evolutionary developmental biology which is concerned with the formation of organisms. Recent discoveries bring to the visual world totally new dimensions and relationships between the large and the small. I see the world as a universe of giant forms, constructed from an endless amount of repetitious identical particles, rebuilt with the same meticulousness as the large ones, and I draw these through my illustration.