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Dec 11, 2013

Selling on Ebay

 bid bid bid!

I have tons of shoes on ebay to sell! From size 6 to 7!
If you like what you see then go bid!!!


 photo 4-33.jpg

An amazing vest my Mystic Mayhem, that girl knows her style! She had recently a huge sale and I got the chance to buy 2 of her amazing vest on my birthday! yay! I went all purple on this outfit with green neon alien details here and there. To finish it off my favorite spiked Dr martens booties!
   photo 2-56.jpg  photo IMG_2775.jpg  photo 5-23.jpg

Nov 19, 2013


 photo 2-53.jpg

 A little bit of shiny gold for a dark background! This skirt was a real score, I was at a massive "pulguero" and I found the skirt from an old lady who sold it to me for $3!!! It's super shiny and even though It's longer than I am used to in skirt, I really like the look of a longer and flashy skirt with the boots!

 Im also selling a pair of gold docs on ebay!

  photo 3-40.jpg

Nov 8, 2013

Ecliptica | Paradis

I got the chance to be backstage taking pictures for Matte Mag in Ecliptica's fashion show Paradis. I couldnt ask for anything better than to enjoy a show being backstage and having the chance to document the process. The collective rush, documenting piece by piece, model by model, how details are fixed and changed at the last minute, how a show gets done and how it will be remembered. I couldn't ask for anything better. I Love it.

For more pictures check out my portfolio!

Nov 5, 2013


 photo 4-32.jpg

I was going for a comfortable look here. The dress is super comfy and a jacket to keep me warm at night! This was shot at the thrift store that I work at, Electroshockxchange. As you can see, It's a very cool store. So if your are ever in PR, go to Rio Piedras and visit me there! :P

 photo 5-21.jpg  photo 3-38.jpg

Oct 28, 2013


 photo IMG_0201.jpg

This was a picture that I didin't even had planned. I was at a photoshoot around the island with some photographer friend and suddenly we see this AMAZING wall and we couldn't resist so we made a rest stop! We needed to do an outfit post! This pictures were taken by the amazing Stephanie Segarra!

  photo 4-31.jpg photo IMG_0196.jpg  photo IMG_0198.jpg  photo IMG_0205.jpg

Oct 21, 2013


 photo 3-37.jpg

Stripes are nice. Who doesn't like them? I love layering them with sheer fabrics and bold colors. A tough of blue will certainly bring them out even more.

 Sheer top: gift | Stripe jumper: F21 | Cardigan: Thrift | Boots: YRU

  photo 2-51.jpg

Oct 14, 2013

La isla Bonita

 photo 3-36.jpg

I haven't been able to really use that sweater sense It's always freaking hot and humid here in Puerto Rico, but when I do I love to pair it with more bright colors. It demands it!. For you guys who are looking for AA Disco pants, I am selling mine! $45 on ebay! If you are interested then hit the buy it now and treat yo self! :D

 Here is the link to my ebay!

  photo 4-30.jpg photo 1-26.jpg

Oct 8, 2013


 photo 3-35.jpg

 I'm channeling my 90's vibes here! Simple outfit for a heavy humid weather. In this dress I can never get hot. It's a really fresh piece with a sheer fabric to play with textures underneath!

  photo 2-50.jpg

Sep 30, 2013


 photo 4-29.jpg

Kitties all over! Kitty cats for lunch and dinner! The top from F21 was initially long sleeve, but with the blazing heat here in PR got the scissors and snap! Off they went! Those AA pants never stop being amazing. This ones I got them for a really cool deal on ebay for $30! They don't jam your stomach into your ribs like other tight pants might do. NOW.... the docs... I couldn't pass them on when I saw them at ebay for $35! I had sold a few of my clothes so I went for them! I really love how the polka gives a bit of texture to the outfit and the color scheme of black white and purple repeated. The blazer as you an see is super unique, what else can I say about it?

 photo 2-49.jpg  photo 3-34.jpg

Sep 25, 2013


 photo 3-33.jpg

I'm having too much fun with these Lucite platforms from YRU. They are amazing! I expect an underworld sea paradise in those platforms for next season :P Or lights! I'm all about stripes, so When I got both of these pieces, I knew they were perfect for each other. Bold and thin stripes forever!

 Crop top: Nike (Ouna's CLoset) | One-piece: Forever 21 | PLatforms: YRU

  photo 3-2-1.jpg

Sep 17, 2013


 photo 3copy-2.jpg This pants are a mermaids fantasy ( if they had legs). They are so shiny and colorful. They are amazing specially outside where the sunshine hits them right in the foil thread and those iridescent lights bounce right on to someones face making them forever blind.... *sigh* fashion...

Sep 9, 2013

Down boy

 photo JRG_3918.jpg YRU forever! This amazing boots I got the chance to get them through ebay for $20 bucks!!! I was super excited when I won the bid and specially when they arrived. Super comfy and I love that bulky boot look. Now, THE PANTS. I found this pants at a electroshock thrift store, the color and the fabric stood out from a mile away. I want to wear this outfit every day!  photo JRG_3950.jpg
 photo 2013-08-21182722.jpg