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Dec 29, 2008

Self loath

It my not be the best picture with the awesome colors, pro cam and incredible lighting,
but I had to post it 'cause I love how it turned out. Much thanks to my sista for posing.

Dec 26, 2008

2,000 FANS

I am speechless.

I never thought the fan page would reach
such heights. On the other hand...
its a very popular product so...

Lets pop a bottle
and celebrate!


Givenchy PI for men is now my favorite perfume. It may be intended for the use of our
willie friends, but the scent does not say "don't wear me if you dont have something
a-hanguing". blah. Fuck this genderized social conventions. I'm always interested in people
who play with the boundaries of genders where they blend them to be suitable for either both.
I don't think this perfume was made with that in mind, but the scent is so sweet, I suppose it's
for the men who have a more sensitive nose.

Dec 25, 2008

Happy thing day!

Guess i have to say that or a few are gonna get upset and call me grinch ....
hahah!! Ithink some of my best friends believes have rubbed on me.
I don't get as exited about Christmas(except for the lights) or birthdays as before ( he dosent
celebrate holidays) I prefer to mix every holiday and say happy birthday
on christmas. Still I give thanks for everything I am blessed to have today.

This would have been a nice present

Dec 20, 2008


I was bored and wanted to have pictures of this bolero I'm obsessed with right now.

we love candy

I took this picture in Spain, the markets there are BIG and filled with candy... lots of them.

Dec 18, 2008

"This guy is kinda awesome"

i w a n t m o r e

make me a house of type and i'll marry you

Tin and Ed
are some really awesome designers. WHY? fisrt TYPOGRAPHY
they fullfill my fetish needs for letters JA!!!. But seriously, they have
really nice illustrations and type design. I featured them here because of
an alphabet they did for Crump. The best thing about this alphabet is that
they are not only very cleverly made, but when you go enter Crump's site , the
letters come to life, each in it's own little world.

Dec 14, 2008

1, 2, 3

Joia's earrings are kinda heavy, soooo... I'll use them as brooches

Excuse my photoshoping :( I'm too sleepy.


I'm REALLYYYY SORRY i haven't posted ANYTHING this last three days. I've been more out then in, let alone use the computer at home. I didn't even notice that three days had passed sense the last post!! I could hear my blog crying when i opened it and saw the date. I'm making it up by reporting on a flee market I went today.

Caskibaches was held at Nuestro Son in Rio Piedras, I knew of the event thanks to a friend from sewing class who was also selling her stuff . BUT thanks to my ADD kinda syndrome I f o r g o t m y c a m a r a, ughhh, which i totally regret doing as there were many people selling really nice stuff. I stayed long enough to listen to a guy who gave a show on electronic music that was really interesting , but unfortunately didn't catch his name and hes not in the flayer. Rosael Torres, who was the winner of Plazarela ( a fashion competition ) was selling some of her pieces of clothing there. She's going to make me a skirt she was selling that I LOVED, I would have bought it right there but the garment wasn't made for my 5" tall almost skeletal figure. So as soon as I get it, I'll post it ( if she has enough fabric left to make it ).

Rosael Torres Collection

There was a table that really caught my intention from the moment i entered, it was filled with vintage jewelry and the beautiful pieces were made by the jewelry designer Joia. She takes mostly vintage and forgotten jewelry, or what she calls "garbate art" and makes them into this extravagant detailed pieces wearable for today.

The earrings designed by Joia

*Non of the designers listed here has a site up, so if your interested in any email me.

Dec 11, 2008

Fashionably Green

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a fashion thingy held at the Hilton in San Juan. The theme was to go all green, and 4 aspiring designers were picked to make collections with clothes given from the Salvation Army and re-use whats already been dismissed. The whole event was a bit on the snobbish side and the idea behind it was for people to recycle there own clothes for the event and not buy anything. I weeded myself in, thanks to the agency I work for who got me free passes. YES!!!

The runway was a head turner, where flowers and fake grass made it impossible for heels( but very literal) so, barefoot the models went. The 4 designers were Jaer Caban, whom hes clothes worked better as separate, but still managed to pull a few looks together. Laura Teresa had some interesting shapes. José Raul was the only to attempt mens wear and finally Lisandra Cruz, the winner of the show, really was the only collection to have consistency on the colour, shapes, the silhouettes and the union of her theme which came together in her collection as a whole( I just said the same thing in about 5 diferent ways ). She also took the men shirt into skirts, belts and boarding it in interesting ways.

Stella Nolasco closed the show with some really impressive gowns, but it was hard to absorve it all as there were to many looks walking down the green path. My favorite part of it all was the judges. Rami Kashou, from Project Runway was invited as a judge and this has been the only time I've been starstruck by anyone and had trouble getting my name out my mouth. He's the nicest person EVER. So simple and always with a smile.

I wish I could have taken better pictures of the show, but either my camara or the crappy lighting didn't make it possible to take a lot of good photos. Below are a few pictures that were my favorite and videos of the show:

Jaer Cabán

Laura Teresa Rivera

José Raul

Lisandra Cruz

Lisandra Cruz Finale

Stella Nolasco

Stella Nolasco closing the show