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Oct 29, 2009

coloooors again

This video grabbed my attention because of the animation (obviously ) and the COLOOOOORS... not so much the song.

Oct 28, 2009


My good friend Christto in his latest excercise. Im a little lazy, but maybe I'll traduce this into english.

Una Mirada en el espejo del otro, que soy yo mismo, que somos todos.
Un reflejo del antes, de los antes de ahora y de los de siempre. Obviando
la individualidad y acercándonos a la masa, la que parece muy separada
pero que no lo es, esa materia humana que continua con las mismas
inquietudes y dudas. Somos un retrato del otro, del otro y del otro, así
como el reflejo de un espejo frente a su igual, que se multiplica infinitamente.
Es el espejo del otro y es mi figura en el retrato de ambos
lo que nos hace uno sólo.

Christian Sánchez

slowly making me anxious

Vladislav Delay - Toive from Lorenzo Sportiello on Vimeo.

Oct 26, 2009

What it really meant...



Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are alive and well And they’re living in Berlin She is a cocktail waitress He had a part in a Fassbinder film And they sit around at night now drinking schnapps and gin And she says: Hansel, you’re really bringing me down And he says: Gretel, you can really be a bitch He says: I’ve wasted my life on our stupid legend When my one and only love was the wicked witch. She said: What is history? And he said: History is an angel being blown backwards into the future He said: History is a pile of debris And the angel wants to go back and fix things To repair the things that have been broken But there is a storm blowing from Paradise And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future And this storm, this storm is called Progress

Laurie Anderson

Oct 24, 2009

A good read

If you've read this blog before , you are familiar with my points of view about
design vs art vs advertising-publicity-whores... Designers don't read IS a good read, take my word.

Designers Don’t Read is a love song to graphic design and graphic designers. Austin Howe is a creative director, writer, advocate, and cheerleader for design-but not a designer. He believes “in the wonder and exuberance of someone who gets paid-by clients to do what he loves.” Howe places immense value on curiosity and passion to help designers develop a point of view, a strong voice. He explores the creative process and conceptualization, and delves into what to do when inspiration is lacking. If there’s a villain in these elegant, incisive, amusing, and inspiring essays, it’s ad agencies and marketing directors, but even villains serve a purpose and illustrate the strength of graphic design “as a system, as a way of thinking, as almost a life style.” Howe believes that advertising and design must merge, but merge with design in the leadership role. He says that designers should create for clients and not in the hope of winning awards. He believes designers should swear “a 10-year commitment to make everything we do for every client a gift.” If this sounds like the designer is the client’s factotum, not so. Howe also argues in favor of offering clients a single solution and being willing to defend a great design. Organized not only by topic, but also by how long it will take the average reader to complete each chapter, Designers Don’t Read is intended to function like a “daily devotional” for designers and busy professionals involved in branded communications at all levels.

Oct 23, 2009


I was really tying to stop myself from making this post about Francisco Infante-Arana & his wife Nonna Gorunova.. There stuff is eeeeverrywheereeeeeee, but my triangle obsession made me budge.

Tan in 5 seconds

An unfortunate event took place last night. It's literary HELL in Puerto Rico.
11 tanks filled with gasoline exploded, lets hope that in 20 years
we won't die from a hole in one of our lungs.

*Updated... Took this pictures this morning, the black clowd was coming towards us

Oct 22, 2009

Post Typographic Manifesto

is dead.
You have
killed it.

I have a thing for manifestos and essays... Love them. I'm going to leave the Post typographic Manifesto here, but I strongly recommend to read it straight from the site, cause it has a nice interaction with colors...which I'm a sucker for. Not only read it, but get a little curious on the site, they have excellent work.

Post Typographic Manifesto

Typography is dead. You have killed it.

You bombard us with empty phrases and the crass refinement of perfect lives and perfect design, enforcing the unspoken fascism of your Typocracy upon generations of our incognizant brethren. Wielding history as your whip, you corral those who would dare defy you towards a Typocratic slaughterhouse wherein we hear the death-rattle of creativity.

Your design has become an empty gesture, a reflection of the vacuous society you have helped to create and perpetuate. It has been said that the "medium is the message," but your medium is transparent and likewise, your message hollow.

Like a farmer tilling the soil, we are also unafraid to get our hands dirty to reap the fruits of our labor

Type historian and critic Beatrice Ward compared good modernist typography to a crystal goblet, a clear, unadorned vessel that does not cloud the content. Your shallow cup runneth over with lies and platitudes. If the letters used to construct your words are invisible, does not the message also go unnoticed and unheeded? We step on your crystal goblet of typography at the marriage of liberty and design.

The advent of the personal computer and desktop publishing software promised to overthrow the Typocratic regime and usher in a new age of typographic democracy and enlightenment. But the Typocracy quickly subverted these technological advances to create a new caste system composed of the Graphic Design Elite and the Desktop Publishing Proletariat. The term, desktop publishing, which had heralded the great promise of a popular design revolution quickly took on an undesirable connotation. It belittled the efforts of untrained designers and artisans, quashing the unconformist and unconventional and cutting off avenues of individualism and experimentation.

We step on your crystal goblet of typography at the marriage of liberty and design.

But even as the Desktop Publishers have been repressed by the Typocracy, they have sown the seeds for a rebellion against these tyrants. We will liberate typography from the stuffy shackles of classicism and rigid mores of modernism. We will shun too the ironic and forced eclecticism of post-modernism in favor of a valiant and noble design democracy. The delicate crystal goblet of modernism cannot contain the volume and passion of our humanity. We do not seek to create works of grace, sublimity, and legibility. We only answer to the ultimate satisfaction of our own Dionysian impulses.

Like a farmer tilling the soil, we are also unafraid to get our hands dirty to reap the fruits of our labor. We dispel the myth of the invisible designer. We each will carve our own visage from the faceless screen, and let the ink from our pens bleed onto our hands and paper. We will not hesitate to discard X-heights and baselines to achieve our Post Typographic ideals, casting off the shackles of Photoshop to return to the freedom of letters without rules.

The advent of the personal computer and desktop publishing software promised to overthrow the Typocratic regime
We are the children of the Desktop Publishers, and the siblings of the rebel youth who scratched the logo of their favorite band into the cover of their math book.

We are the 32-oz. Big Gulp of Typography!
We are the Typography of The Masses!
We are the Times New Romans!
We are the Franklin Gothics!
We make our impact with Impact!

Never forgetting the struggle of the Desktop Publishers and those who came before, we of the Post Typographic movement seek no less than the democratization of typography. We will overthrow the Typocracy, and fill its vacuum with a socially aware and vibrant typographic freedom embodied by Post Typography. Brothers and Sisters, join us in shattering the glass muzzle of Typocracy and renouncing the indentured servitude of the Typocratic regime.

Oct 21, 2009

no such thing...

As style?.....ya think!?
Pretty bright for a 9 to 6 monday.
...and yes, there not flipped :P

Oct 18, 2009

3 AM

I reallllyyyyyyy couldn't sleep yesterday.


This animation was made by a friend of mine. He's currently going through his masters at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. I really liked this animation, although its just a rough sketch. You can see more or write to him here.

Oct 17, 2009

Pass the BUTTAH dear?

This is NOT just thinking outside of the box, but kicking it in the ars over and over!!!!
Karisia Paponi's graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art and finished her degree with an amazing collection called "Four o' Cock". Inspired by Porcelain prints from the 19th century, her collection is filled with flower prints and tea patterns, sets the bar for the new upcoming...trends?
Or better said by Yatzer:

The collection that could just as well be named A Guide to Mad-Hatter’s tea Party was highly dreamy and girly. Inspired by a porcelain tea set, the designer created doll-like silhouettes featuring extravagant necklines and tiny full skirts adorned with colourful prints. The footwear screamed 60’s and consisted of high-heeled patent t-bar sandals in acid green, French navy, rose pink, white, beige, and wine red. In one word: brilliant!

Oct 16, 2009


Still don't have a life yet?
Stare at the screen for hours while this gifs entertain your boring ass life...
(Great site btw)

Oct 14, 2009



Remember this event? It went beyond my expectations and it was the funnest thing ive gone to in a while.
Filled with skits and each person is on character the whole time. Below, a few pics from the event.


move it... shake it nice...

Oct 10, 2009



This are a series of pictures I'm doing, experimenting with color and silhouettes... and my hair :P
This 3 are just a little peek of the whole series.

Oct 6, 2009


Can't stop feeding my shoe fetish.

I mean really... Who wouldn't go slightly mad for this bejeweled heels

pad me up

So sussie is giving me something to obsess about everyday. DIY experiment?
HOPEFULLY... lets see if i'm able to find something similar ,
that maybe from afar looks remotely close to the miracle shoulders of Anthony Vaccarello's jacket.

social phobia

According to a doctor im seeing, I have it... Dunno really, were all human and are afraid of certain situations. Still im enjoying this video below soooo much... I don't go to that extreme, but you can tell i don't like to be touched from the look on my face. ahahha

Oct 4, 2009

story of my life?


It just really gets frustrating when you think you have finally something,
when you think your finally getting someplace,
when you think that finally it'll happen and

"please, go back to the end of the line..."

I ' m t i r e d o f w a i t i n g f o r n o t h i n g . . .