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Apr 19, 2013


 photo MC.jpg

 A few weeks back a local art event was taking place called Santurce Es Ley. I was documenting for Street Art PR and got the privilege to meet Martha Cooper. Not only did I get to hang out and talk to her a little while, but she was so interested in my outfit that she had to snap a picture!!! I cant begin to tell you how red I became, being snapped by a legend! She posted it on her instagram , and of course, my mind was blown to pieces!!!! The image she snapped is the on above. The next 2 were taken by friends at the event. For more on my blog!
     photo 1-20.jpg photo abey.jpg

Apr 10, 2013


 photo 3copy.jpg

This dress is one of my faves. Reminds me of the dresses my mom is to make me wear when I was a kid. They were all cut like ballerina dresses, and this one has almost the same cut. Of course the stripes are my obsession, so WHY wouldn't i love this dress. What I do love is how it pairs up perfectly with the awesome shoes and the watch. This are my first holographic shoes and haven't stop wearing them sense they arrived in the mail. They are even awesomer in person. They reflect so much light and colors my head wants to explode. Now you have to understand, I'm a sucker for anything that reflects light. To top it off, the swatch! It's lightning!

 photo 4-21.jpg
 photo 5-16.jpg
 photo photo-1-1.jpg  photo zapatos.jpg

Apr 6, 2013


 photo Screenshot2013-04-06at23545PM.png
This look was taken during a very important street art festival called Santurce es Ley were local and international artists are invited to give the city a new face. This look was taken in front of the artists Dface mural. With clear references from pop art, this mural is a huge piece that simply beautifies the community and just looks totally amazing from afar. For more on my looks!
  photo 6-6.jpg photo 8-2.jpg  photo 2-36.jpg

Apr 2, 2013


 photo 2-35.jpg

In this look I have accessorized myself from top to bottom. The funnest accessories are the 2 swatches I'm wearing! One of them was a cool and surprisingly cheap ebay find, that's a 2005 summer edition watch. The bright blue chord kicks in a bit of nostalgia, reminding me of the old telephone chords that I spent hours untangling at home. The second swatch, is more design driven, full of color, with a geometric pattern that I love, designed by Gary Card in 2010. Wearing 2 watches at the same time is something Ive done forever, I've always loved it.
  photo 4-20.jpg photo 3-21.jpg  photo 52-1.jpg