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Apr 30, 2010

Vampire Weekend @ coachella

Vampire Weekend was one of my highlights from the Coachella weekend. They had candlelight props hanging from the ceiling, lights and smoke that together made for beautiful pictures to complement the great music from the band. The boys in all have great stage presence and sound even better live.

Here are a few vids from my camara edited by my man friend:

Apr 29, 2010

Poco a poco

I'll be releasing Coachella's pictures little by little I have to many pictures piled up.
Enjoy this first view of the dessert from the plane...There's still snow on the mountains.

Apr 27, 2010

Men in leotards

Marker er er er

I never thought permanent markers made of much use other that to crossover really black lines or to mark things. Hollis Thompson Brown redefines the use of the marker, referencing back to cultural defining objects like the VHS.
"..The environments in the work are constructed of both the tangible and the remote, things that are already understood and things in a vague state of formation. For instance, images in the photographs are tangible aspects of reality, frozen moments in time, people and places that exist, or at one time existed. Erasing or obscuring elements of the photograph puts the situation in a state of transition. Adding the lines and drawings adds other influences and potentials. Sometimes these lines are controlled by the elements in the photograph and sometimes they are completely independent. But the figures in the photographs, they are the reason the myths exist, they are the questioners who come up with the stories and explanations, so their environment is altered to represent these uncertainties and changing beliefs.

In many people’s lives, computers are becoming more and more important and perhaps necessary aspect of existence. Now we live in a merging of real and virtual worlds, an intermingling of realities to form this current reality. This new reality allows new forms of communication and interaction, we have virtual identities, personal websites, social networking, and we have video games, allowing the people to be the protagonists in new mythic adventures. We are able to create images and events that were once impossible, either in the huge blockbuster movies or tiny computer manipulated photographs. Ever increasingly, we are made up of pixels and html code..."

Apr 23, 2010

Laurie Hogin

Lately I've been looking more into things that involve animals. Don't worry as I won't take any bestiality of any form, but apparently my subconscious has been making me a biology freak. My drawings lately have been about some kind of animal ( imaginary or real), so I guess it's not strange to say that Laurie Hogin's work has caught my attention with her odd combination of animals of brilliant colors.
"Her images, including the fact of their being paintings, the painterly style, as well as the composition, color, and narrative, are meant to simultaneously evoke visual strategies from the history of European portraiture, Dutch still life, and contemporary advertising. They are all sets; variations on a theme that vary in color, pattern, accessories, emotional states, or the orientation of the monkey. This is a reiteration of the current marketing trend to present the consumer with a taxonomy of product, suited to the specific moods or minutely differing preferences of the brand-loyal consumer. "

piss me now

Like always, Imelda talks about shoe fetish with Young's collection.
For you, they may be the ugliest thing you've ever seen.

Apr 21, 2010

Hello. It's not Monday

But it feels like Monday to me. After a dusty-cold-missed flights- cluster fuck weekend, were back to talk about what happened at Coachella. Till now i'll leave you with a bit of comedy to check myself back to reality.

Apr 15, 2010

Before we go

One last post before heading to the glory days that are coming up at COACHELLA.
A few of my friends have been so anxious for this trip to start that they've prepared for it with lil bit of art. The first cartoon yo can see the non-Gorilla member, although at first glance he passes as one of the band; was made by Yamil Medina. For the second one Esteban Ruiz drew Mr.H from The Sixne Royal Family.

Everybody wants to be a part of Gorillaz.
Them kidz crazy
... not really...

Apr 13, 2010

ai ai ai ai ai

I know not a lot has happened here this days.
Lack of posting??? NAHHH....


While preparing my paranoic ass to get on a plane calmly,
The lack of posts will be even more noticeable cause i will be in

so it'll be worth it.

Im coming back with so many pic sfrom the fest that whoever reads this will want more

Apr 12, 2010


This designer who graduated from CalArts, CA. uses a lot of geometric and simple figures in his work. The clean lines in his typography work really knocked me dead. I included a very funny retro-like portrait of Evey himself.

Apr 9, 2010

Y: The Last Man

This series published by Vertigo, created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, is about the only man to survive the apparent simultaneous death of every male mammal (as well as his man's pet monkey) on Earth. He embarks on a quest next to a few women to not only make him safe and find out why he didn't die, but to look for the love of his life, Beth.

The comic book series is very entertaining, the drawing is really good, specially with treats like the beginning and last pages of the comics, where you see elaborate drawings of what's to come on the next issue. The story is very well written, you can see there's a lot of research in the book with the Culper Ring and Last Man Play. Each book leaves you wanting to know more. It's a fast and easy read, and once you start you can't stop.

Demitri talks

"An ex-girlfriend is the same
as an okay movie
I liked it at the time but
I don't want to see it again.
Especially if the movie
was kind of a bitch"
-Demetri Martin

Apr 6, 2010


Barbany Badford ventures into his first stop motion and 2D film. A tragic love story played out by figurines that your grandma would most likely stock on every shelf imaginable. This are on the back shelves of a bric-a-brac shop, a poor, down-at-heel boy falls for a beautiful girl with shattering consequences.


"The film marks Barford’s first venture into animated film, creating a new world for his porcelain characters. “I’ve always seen my pieces as scenes from a film – I want viewers to make up what happened before and what might happen afterwards – so it felt like a natural progression to work on a film,” Barford explains."

Apr 5, 2010

Sabado de Gloria

Style at this weekends event, Sabado de Gloria. Fashion designer, Mabel Huertas
is one of my favorite people to shoot outfits.

Sabado de Gloria has everything from comedy to music, to live puppet show. I only got the first two acts, cause my cam decided to not work that night.

Remember Rad &Cal?
The cowboy duo gave me the opportunity to interview them backstage with the whole band
Embrace yourself below. Couldn't get pic from the show thanks to my battery dying on me.

Apr 2, 2010

Self Portrait as Not Dead Yet

The self portraits of Julie Heffernan kinda creeped me out the first time I saw them, but at the same time that was the thing that led me to like her paintings even more. Full of symbolism, hidden meanings and grotesc aesthetic make me want to look at their paintings endlessly.
"Like the Old Masters that her work evokes, Julie Heffernan's paintings give us a lot to look at, a wealth of sheer visual entertainment. Burnished with a pearly gloss concocted from a unique recipe of intelligence, fairy tale, art history and high fashion, each image engages us for a long time, and compels us to move closer, then further away , then closer again - - as opposed to those paintings that we feel we know perfectly well, or well enough, from across the room."
-Francine Prose