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Oct 23, 2008

Samboe logo

The pictures shown, are an identity a did for a music group. the first one below,
is a complicated diamond shape illustration which can be used in t shirts and big
prints. The second is a variation from the one shown above, which the group finally
decided to stay with. The third variation below is the logo with an specific hue of
gray as the background color, so the logo will jump out because of the types of blues
used, which are meant to be for that specific purpose. The name came on later,
because the group didn't have a name when I did the logo, even though I spent
many hours telling them that the name was a crucial part. They went on to put the
name themselves and picked a serif-Egyptian type font which messed up the whole
concept of the logo, even though I tried to tell 'em to change it and they didn't so,
end of story.

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