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Oct 9, 2008

What silly gibberish

I'm really hoping the bear from the jungle book is right. I'm gonna sum up everything
I was gonna say to: I want change, move out, a kick ass job, kidnap my BFF and take
him with me to Spain. And yeah, I need money(the greatest bitch of all) to do that. It's
just a circle that never stops. I know a few who will bitch slap me after this, I love you all.

"Now when you pick a paw paw,
or a prickly pear,
and you prick a wrong paw,
well next time, beware,
don't pick the prickly pear by the paw,
when you pick a pear, try to use the claw,
but you don't need to use the claw,
when you pick a pear of the big paw paw,
Have I giving you a clue?

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