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Nov 29, 2009

Robert P

The other day at my lunch brake I was flipping through my copy of the Nylon Street Style book, looking at some pages that a friend wanted me to see, cause I was helping him with an outfit for a show. As I was passing the pages, I noticed that one of the boys that are featured is Robert Pattison. Yes, I'm bringing him up cause of all the twilight, new moon ( I'm not so excited to see it ) fad. I never recognized him before up until until now, and I've got to say I kind of give him some thumbs up for his off screen-ragged-james-dean-hairy-mess look.

For the Robert P fans, here ya go:


Nov 28, 2009

the dysfunctional family

I needed a little coin purse to hold my ID and money, cause the one I had was falling in pieces. Luckily I ran into a store called SIMBIOSIS on etsy, that's one of the very few that i found on my search with a unique selection of coin purses. You can see that they are carefully made, with hand picked fabrics that are what make this pouches special. The one I chose is a comic strip made by the textile designer Michel Miller called the dysfunctional family. You can guess why I picked this pouch in particular, love the parody that Miller uses to critic the social standards of life.

Nov 27, 2009

Madres en Plaza de Mayo

For those who speack spanish, watch the video..

“El Gobierno de Puerto Rico aprobó la Ley 7 que lo autoriza a despedir a más de 30,000 empleados públicos, anular los derechos adquiridos por los trabajadores en convenios colectivos a través de años de lucha; poner el peso contributivo sobre el sector financiero más pequeño y frágil de Puerto Rico, beneficiando aún más a las empresas multinacionales; excluir de fondos públicos a la Universidad de Puerto Rico y delegar a la empresa privada la administración de la educación primaria y secundaria; desalojar y desarticular a más de ocho comunidades pobres que han luchado por décadas por su derecho a poseer la tierra que habitan y ahora se ven amenazadas por el interés de lucro entre el gobierno y las empresas privadas. Doscientosmil puertorriqueños de una pequeña isla de menos de cuatro millones de habitantes salieron a la calle, el 15 de octubre de 2009, oponiéndose a la Ley 7, ley que fragiliza su sistema económico, omite los derechos de los trabajadores, olvida la salud social, privatiza los bienes comunes y endeuda aún más su futuro y obstaculiza las instituciones democráticas. Familias enteras quedaron sin recursos al adoptar estas medidas neoliberales obsoletas y Puerto Rico quedará maltrecho para proveer alternativas a su gente”, denunció Bonafini en la plaza en la que llevan congregándose como organización desde el 1977." EL Nuevo dia


CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.

Nov 26, 2009


"Why don’t we poke a hole in this sheet and keep it between us?"

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. Not so much for the masses and guess that's what initially drew me to it. I've read a few articles about this service, "the girlfriend experience" and even though I wouldn't make a living out of this, It's interesting to learn and see how people work out of the social standards.
Dazed and Digital did a full interview with Sasha Grey:

DD: It’s pretty phenomenal, you’re 21 years old and you’ve got your own production company, you're working with a huge Hollywood director... How did that all pan out for you? Do you have a vision that you aim for or is it more of a random trajectory?
I think that now, more than ever, it’s definitely a wave – things come and things go. I do have my set goals but whereas once they were very solidified and specific, I’ve now realised that life changes every day so you have to adapt

DD: Did go to drama school?

DD: Then you went into pornography? How did that come about?
Acting for me was more of an extra-curricular activity. When I was 12 years old I was kind of a nihilist and my mum said I need to do something – 'If you’re not going to do sports or become a girl scout you’ve got to do something! Get out of my hair for the weekend!''

DD: A nihilist at 12 years old?! That’s pretty incredible...
Yeah… Well, my mum said to start acting at school because that way you don’t have to commit to something after school or on the weekends, and that if I did well, she would start putting me in classes.

DD: Do you think it can be a really positive thing to do so much so young, because you learn so much...
Yeah, over the past few years my learning curve has been huge and sometimes people say, ‘Don’t you just want to be a normal 21-year-old and go party and have fun?’ No. I mean, why do you think great artists of our time have always said youth is wasted on the young? I don’t want to be an old a person in regret and think I should have done this but I was off being lazy. There are enough mistakes we make as human beings anyway, so let the mistakes be real mistakes not chosen mistakes.

DD: What do you think of men like the guy in the film who really degrades her?
I think people like that have too much time on their hands. Their level of self-confidence is so low that they project their issues onto other people.

DD: Have you come across people like that in your previous career? Have you been in situations where you have thought, 'This is awful; I don’t want to be doing this...'
No. The business is so small that those situations are very few and far between. If you did have a character like that, word would spread really quickly. Those seedy characters are more in the underbelly, like people in the Mid-West who are shooting illegally, because technically it’s still only legal to shoot in California and New York. Nobody shoots in New York, though. I don’t understand that. So, I think those type of characters tend to exist in the smaller areas where it is not a collective business. I was also lucky enough when I fist got in the business to have a grade-A agent who was like, ‘This person is cool, but if they say do this and you don’t want to, or that they’ll pay you more, just tell them to call your agent.'

SUCCESS- sucktheexcess



Just a few of the words that described the event on Tuesday. Taking place at the Niuyorican cafe, it united the best artists, bands, dj's, comedians
in one space for people to appreciate and know what's going on in the underground music and art scene. The night started off with the improv group IMPROPIO, that with skits and well... improvisations ( o b v i . ) got people crying from laughter.

Next, followed by the anticipated men from the dusty roads of the US, where they wrestle cows and give sweet sugar loving to damsels in distress. Rad & Cal Premiered there new video "Duelo a la muerte" that caused a party of panti dropping and loose pants.

More proof of the sweet loving

A little bit of everything that happend at Moderno

La Moda playing his heavy sound hitting set. How we love when lights, performance, video and music mash up. YESSSSSSS!!!!

Tag Team Champions

I had the chance to show 2 of my pieces
at the festival, of a series I'm working on. The series are a juxtaposition of the beautiful imagery, with what can be considered harsh, rude quotes and words (in english and spanish) that are muted until read, or better said by the known fashion Blogger IMELDA:

"...she’s softened my caustic phrasing with a juxtaposed muted floral print to create an arresting piece of modern artwork."

Nov 24, 2009

hands tied

Been busy busy busy, so i'm gonna have to excuse myself by saying: ANOTHER VIDEO POST????
yesss... That's all my brain can manage right now. It'll all be up to speed again from tomorrow on.

Nov 17, 2009

It's Nice...

It's Nice That has started a space of dialogue to expose issues that people in the design
community want to share. You can email them any "inquietud" and if they publish it on the
blog we can all contribute on a healthy debate in the comment section ( or we can get our
bitch-ass-ness on ). The following drafts I chose from the site, are ones that talk about the
overflowing images on the bloggesphere, of course now that images are more accessible,
we see more and more of the:

" this is very pretty kind of brainless post"
.......................(best said by Queen Michelle).

The fashion community isn't further away. Millions of bloggers now have shoots every day
documenting there style, that ech and every one of them claim as unique. Burning fingers on
reposting the same brands, lookbooks and trends. It gets kind of loop-i....boring? MUCH...
But that's another story. Back to the matters of design, Its nice that they've made this space
available for us to debate on issues that are overtaking the design world and until now, were
briefly being mentioned.

Weekly Discussion
21 September - 16 November 2009
Every week we invite a current practitioner to open up a discussion of their choice, giving you the opportunity to pass comment on a point they they are making on a current issue. We’ve opted to use Twitter to authenticate users and double as a way to discourage anonymous comments. Sure, anonymity can still be achieved, but hopefully under ongoing pseudonyms that in themselves will offer consistency and identity. To read more about this see the article Most comments Suck. Discuss. written by our digital partners With Associates in our first discussion. If you would like to contribute an article to initiate debate please email

Are we ffff*cked?
To begin, its worth mentioning that I frequent the very websites I am complaining about, I have served as a blog editor, but I still believe in the romance of personal discovery. I like finding things for myself, sifting through used books, discovering music, trolling antique shops. I love the idea of vernacular, naiveté, and context – I love knowing there are people and crafts and reasons and wonderful mistakes behind the art we’ve the pleasure to experience.
As the internet has continued to (cough) mature, we find ourselves inundated with imagery, music, tweets, kitteh videos, good news, bad news, opinion parading as news, and an absolutely endless, dizzying, spell-binding array of mental traffic. As my good buddy Ben Pieratt recently put it, “endless scrolls make me feel agoraphobic.”
This sense of limitless imagery and information can make one feel daunted, if not paranoid – as if we’re missing out if we don’t see everything that’s made available to see. I take particular issue with image bookmarking services, which have devalued content in favor of this static. I frequently click images I like to find myself on another blog, another page with more blind reference imagery, or a tumblr with some serialized image title and a date – I simply cannot find the artist responsible for the work. The internet is rather fleeting as it stands, and we’re walking through a fog of stylized imagery devoid of artists, explanations, and history.
We no longer seek out the portfolios of incredibly talented illustrators and designers, writers or filmmakers, but the convenience of aggregated, often dodgy, mass sourcing. We rarely discover inspirations for ourselves because we’re busy letting others do it for us. To what degree do the tastes of the masses dictate what content editors choose, and inversely, will designers/illustrators create imagery to appease these editors? Will artists avoid experimentation at the risk of popular scrutiny?
Its a bit dramatic, sure, but as our industry continues giving itself to the masses – popular polling, crowd sourcing, design-by-committee, don’t-worry-my-cousin-knows-photoshop – I don’t want to have to think about the further homogenization of imaginations and the commercial systematization of our media. Instead of telling new visual stories, or codifying new ways of seeing or representing things, we’ll be commercially relegated to the fastest most efficient way of saying something as dictated by visual metrics combed from popular image pools that never credited the right person in the first place.
Anyway, the internet is equal parts pro and con, but there are certainly times where it feels like a big booby-trap. Would love to hear what our peers felt about the issue. Back to my tabbed browsing sesh!
Mario Hugo is a New York based artist, designer, and one half of the creative management agency Hugo & Marie. Though he spends an inordinate amount of time in front of his computer, he still feels most honest with a pencil and two or more sheets of paper.

The Blog Blackout
I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time on blogs, to the point where I waste hours looking at the same thing on about 200 different pages. Which did get me thinking about what I did before there was countless websites all doing the same thing yet are all equally popular. From working in a big studio environment and seeing the studio grind to a halt when the net dies to working for myself trying to be disciplined enough to not click safari every time I get a spare minute. There seems to be a total reliance on being able to surf the web as part of being a designer. Surely it can’t be a good thing that most of us are all getting the same inspiration from the same places. No wonder everyones work is starting to look the same. Every week I get e-mails from students that are carbon copies of a recent post and I wish I could reach through my monitor and give them a right old slap. Not to mention that every second advert on TV seems to be cack handed rip-off from something good found on a blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten the Berocca advert. So that’s me done. I’ve managed to convince myself that it would do me no harm from being offline. Well. At least until tomorrow.
So, where now, how do we stay aware without falling into the pitfalls of styles and trends?

Chris Gray runs the art label Toy, designs under the name We Shall See and is represented by Studio AKA. His work has appeared in Vice, idN, Computer Arts and books published by Victionary and Gestalten. He is also a writer for the Design Assembly.

Nov 16, 2009

Moderno Music & Art Fest

"Moderno Music & Art Fest" will be a festival of music, art, design and performances that will be held at the Nuyorican Cafe the 24th of this month. Some of the most recognized artist will be there like Pun 18, Clandestino 787, Hello Again Clothing, I'm gonna have some of my stuff showing there too. Of course live music from bands and Djs like La Moda & Antibot to make it even more sweeter. If you want to know more go to google translator:

"Moderno Music & Art Fest" es un festival de música, performance y arte digital que se llevará acabo el 24 de noviembre de 2009 en el Nuyorican Cafe (VSJ).

Este festival contará con la participación de los mejores diseñadores gráficos, fotógrafos, bandas, dj's y actores emergentes de Pue
...rto Rico y Estados Unidos.

La idea de este festival es fomentar y exponer el talento de los artitas que componen la escena subterranea, o mejor conocida como "Underground", difundiendo su arte a un público sediento de experimentar otras vertientes musicales, teatrales o visuales.
"MM&A" es un evento de caracter empírico, que expone al espectador a recrearse simplemente através de sus sentidos.

[ 100 PIES ]

I was featured on the blog of the recently formed visual collective 100 PIES

"Somos una casa en el ciberespacio, un colectivo de ideas que se leen por necesidad y se visualizan, desde lo conocido hasta lo extraño. \\\ We are a cyberspace house, a collective of ideas that are read by necessity and are visualized from what's known to the strange."

A few of them are also the founders of the experimental music group Yo Soy Luis y El Es Juan

Nov 15, 2009


They came to PR, and I have to say, my expectations were not very high,
but like that my foot went right into my mouth. Guess they were really worth the money I threw away.
Proof below!


Nov 14, 2009


Aleksandar Todorović
I think is one of my fav designers\artists right now....
more for his work, Its his points of view that caught me from the start. The way he thinks gives his designs mucho more power than it already visually has. Below I posted his biography so you have an idea of what I'm talking about and a few of his works with briefs comments from him. ENJOY!

"I speak Serbian (mother tongue), German (fluently), English (fluently), French (fluently) and Dutch (basics). I’m diligent, cooperative and sufficient in Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I’m not interested in today’s art and today’s design. I don’t think galleries or museums are of any significance anymore and I don’t get what is so great about New York or any other famous spot. I don’t spend money on art books or art magazines and I don’t have design posters on my wall. I don’t think lectures or exhibitions are very exciting or informative and I don’t think I’d enjoy any of them without alcohol. Basically, I’m bored of any conventional point of view. I only pay attention if there is a striking challenge to rupture it, mercilessly. Anything else just doesn’t make fun! Yours faithfully, AT."

Bright Stereotypes

In Summer 2004, the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban came to Cologne to give a lecture about his famous emergency accommodations in disaster areas, which are made out of paper tubes. Later on I had an interview with him, which is documented in the first issue of Rakete magazine, a students’ publication, designed at the Fh Düsseldorf.

This is the visual outcome:
a poster based on Japanese stereotypes — bright neon colors, lightning, monsters and threatened Japanese. At that point I was affected by trendy, superficial and hyped styles which were state of the art at that time. Fortunately, soon after that, I found enlightment.

451 Fahrenheit

I guess everybody knows the story of Fahrenheit 451: a hedonistic and anti-intellectual society opposes books, the symbol for the source of knowledge and enlightenment. Referring to the plot, me and my great colleague extraordinaire Aline Weyel redesigned the book and its chauvinistic ideas. We reversed the text, inverted the letters and printed everything on crude orange paper to hamper the reading. The cover shows a bone, bait for the hounds which are chasing the much hated folks who still own books.

The project was initiated by graphic designer Radim Peško as part of a collaborative project made at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2008.

Here is one of The sections of his site explaining his points of view...
No works, just a paragraph of his thoughts:


Idea art, concept art, minimal art, classical art, applied art, meaning of art, changing of art, sense of art, consequence of art, freedom of art, state-of-the-art, Museum of Modern Art, art theory, art academy, art master, art gallery, art director, art book, artificial. So many art forms and none of them helped me to understand art. During my end exam year I tried to dig into the art theory and art history of the late 20th century, just to understand why we are where we are. Conclusion: Keep your hands off! There’s no absurd timewasting activity like this!

Queer Fest

Nov 13, 2009


Ive been doing some research on movie titles. My cellphone has had a wallpaper from an old movie for the looooooooongest time. Every time the phone goes to sleep it keeps reminding me that it's "The End" constantly. Guess today it kind of got stuck in my head and finally decided to make the search. I came across a great movie site that has a nice collection of every title imaginable and the site itself is very pleasing to the eye.

Nov 12, 2009

Mabel Huertas at ANFG


“Muñeca melón” is a collection created by Mabel Huertas, inspired by the watermelon colors and texture. The freshness and angled cuts that the garments take are from the same shapes that the melons have when cut.
Below i gathered a few of the pictures I took from the runway.