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Nov 23, 2012



I am currently wearing the hell out of that sweater. Although It's a very simple cat print, I have been taking it for a walk every day. I pared it up with a simple lilac maxi skirt that makes for a wonderful touch of color!


Nov 22, 2012

Ebay Store!

I just opened an ebay store!!! I'm just starting so you won't see a lot of stuff on there. I will be uploading more and more clothes and other trinkets as time passes. For now I'm selling a few shoes that I haven't worn in a while, some I 've worn only once. Like the Heatherette + Irregular Choice from 2007 that are dead stock. I also messed up the name of the store, It was suppose to be Surtido de Gloria and I didin't know you couldn't change your name so quickly so now I have to wait 30 days. So in 30 days update your bookmarks!

Hope you guys enjoy, happy bidding!

Nov 19, 2012



This Skirt has a particular story on it's side. WHen I first saw this skirt i was at the newly opened vintage store, Len.T.juela Vintage checking out a sale they were having. I immediately saw the print from the door. The thing is this was a dress. I took it home and the first thing I did was take it to sewing business to be cut up in half. Ever since I saw it I knew I wanted to make brake this piece into 2 and have a top and a skirt with this amazing Flinstone-like pattern. So when it came back, It was a perfect 2 piece set! The top I will show it in another outfit post.I have not stopped wearing this skirt ever since! :D


Nov 15, 2012



A simple but fun outfit for one of the things I love to do most. Improv and clown! I've been for a few years doing improv, going to every workshop I can take. Just recently took a clown workshop that also had improv and a bit of Commedia dell'Arte with a colombian teacher. An amazing experience. I love working with a team and specially creating stories with them.

Nov 14, 2012

Style Icon say whaaa?!

  Electroshock featured myself as their latest Style Icon, which of course makes me red with embarrasement, 'cuase Im usually the one behind camera! Still, I love experimenting and having fun with clothes. We spent an awesome day of looking though racks of clothes and playing with many different outfits. I loveeeed it! They asked me many questions about the things I wear. They are an awesome vintage/thrift store that sell the most amazing clothes. A lot of the things that I love to wear are from the finds I’ve been lucky to spot. Check ‘em out now!!! Thanks a bunch guys! :D:D:D You can read the interview here!

Nov 11, 2012


Photobucket This are my latest platform acquisition! I am very excited because they are about 4 inches high! love them! Photobucket Photobucket

Nov 6, 2012



 I really like this ombre dress! It took me by surprise when I was at Forever 21 to see such a cute dress and it was on sale! It cost me about $6. SCORE!

Nov 2, 2012


During the event Los Muros Hablan I was part of a Live painting session that was hoted at la Respuesta called Ladies Art Nights. This night was special cuase it was filles with a lof of lady talent. We were 5 women painting the night away. I decided to paint a woman in here late 40's who is being tortured by all the anti-again-skin-stretching-botox-nightmare that she wants. It's a bit of a critic to those type of women and also playing around with the theme of the night "Ladies art nights".