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Oct 24, 2008

Let's forget the tags

Anyone that sees this post , would say I'm late on this collection. But ever since I saw it
my mind keeps going back to it, when looking for references when I'm dressing. Each
outfit is unique while heavily adorned with plaid, sequins, stripes, lame, glitter, florals
and little details that make each ensemble unique from the rest. I really love this collection
along with the others I have mentioned in this blog. It reminds me a lot from the style of
clothing in the impressionists paintings, but without the big butts. Style isn't just one look,
one concept and one way of doing things, we have to be open to experiment with any type
of clothing.

Marc Jacobs SS 09 from PressWhore on Vimeo.

Source and pictures: | Sansartifice

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