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Dec 30, 2014


I am currently in love with this skirt. Found it at a Beacon's closet in NY and I have worn it hundreds of times sense then. It's a very fuzzy, comfortable and great looking skirt. It's a definite head turner, especially for It's fuzzyness.
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Dec 17, 2014


 photo 1-2-2.jpg

 THE PANTS.... Scored them on a Lazy oaf sale back in summer. These pants define everything I love about patterns. They have the right colors and the perfect shapes. I am in love in love with them.

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Nov 25, 2014


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 photo paome_900bee40-0908-0132-b2a9-0a6cc5f50b80place_VppURp1REOdCfM4E5QB9_patron2.png

I am SOOOOOO excited to show you my Q&A with Print all over me!!!! They made me a featured print designer and I can't stop jumping from joy! Along with it, you can check the x-mast collection on here where they picked 2 of my designs to be on the special holiday collection! :D
You can also check out the rest of my collection here! I upload new patterns and designs every week!

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Nov 18, 2014


 photo 3-54.jpg

Back in summer I went to the amazing stores L Train Vintage thrift stores. I immediately fell in love with ever piece of clothing they have in each store. They have super reachable prices and their constantly getting new stuff. If you are in NYC look them up on Yelp and visit them! They are all over town with 7 stores!

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Nov 5, 2014

Print All Over Me

I have been selected by Print All Over Me for their holiday collection!!!! My patterns were made into dresses and clutches say whaaaaaa. Check the collection for supakid! SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!


Nov 3, 2014


 photo 4-40.jpg

Another outfit from my NY trip back in summer. Yes, let's keep on remembering summer, with our colorful palette and jelly shoes.

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Oct 27, 2014


 photo 3-53.jpg

I unintentionally paired this top with the halloween season, but I finally got the chance to use this cool patterned shirt from American Apparel. I don't usually use red, but the pattern is so good and simple that I had to get it. The best thing about this shirt Is that I bought it at half price at the NY outlet. I had been eyeing this shirt the whole time when I was on my trip back in july. Found the outlet and they had the shirt super cheap! Nothing better like like a great bargain.

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Oct 14, 2014


 photo 5-27.jpg

 A simple look. Paired off with a chunky necklace and some chunky Aggy Docs. I had fun in the post production of this look, creating the grid pattern for the background. You know how obsessed I get with patterns and this one being geometrical is deff a must.

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Sep 23, 2014


 photo 3-2-2.jpg

Ok! So Im back! AGAIN! My computer died on me for 3 weeks! I thought I had lost all the data ( which included all the outfits ) forever. Luckily my trusty dad came to the rescue and found a way to tap into the broken hard drive and save all the info I had on my computer. The only thing is that I cut my hair in those 3 weeks, so you will see me with long hair in some pictures and short hair in others.

Now, Let's talk about the outfit! I love how much fun I had with it. The tee and the socks were a huge coincidence that I found both in my summer trip to NY, so yeah, i HAD to wear them together. L Train Vintage became one of my favorite thrift place to go shop, I found those amazing pants there, and they were a mere $8!

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Sep 17, 2014


Im thinking of moving this blog permanently to tumblr. What do you guys say? Would you follow me on tumblr? I like it 'cause its easier to follow people, user friendly and more pretty :P. Im kinda getting bored with blogger. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!

 BTW... I have not posted any outfits lately 'cuase my computer died on me :( Im waiting to see If I can get back all the data from the hard drive. If not then I will have to retake about +25 outfits that I already had shot. Wish me luck!

Sep 9, 2014


 photo 2-68.jpg

This shirt is a very special piece of art. From Print all over me, it was designed by Camille Walala. She makes the best pattern designs EVER, go follow her everywhere.

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Sep 4, 2014


 photo 3-4-1.png

Here I went pattern crazy ( like always ) . What's super exciting about this look are the socks! Sammy Icon is feeding my pattern fever with socks that have the most amazing geometric patterns! I can never get enough! they are super comfy and I specially love to wear them with my jellies to show them off! The dress is crazy beautiful! From Lazy Oaf, I am always drooling from every piece of clothing they have on their webstore. Of course they are pattern crazy too! A match made in heaven.

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Aug 13, 2014


 photo ScreenShot2014-08-13at114447AM.png
I was featured in a style blog a few months ago and did not even know! "Things get a little wacky-tacky up in here. They incorporate multiple brightly coloured pieces, loads of mixed textures and prints, and are overall very dizzying and slapdash in the best possible way. I cannot get over how well these people were able to put together such perfectly mismatched outfits" Go and check the

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 photo _DSF3152.jpg

A simple outfit! I was ready for the NYC summer when I went for an improv festival a few weeks ago. If you think it enough, maybe it will come true, so I was trying to visualise that it was raining cold cold ice cream, to get some of the heat off. A fun and simple, but fun dress for summer! :D

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Aug 5, 2014


 photo ScreenShot2014-07-15at102540PM.png

When I dressed up in this outfit I had rocko's modern life on my mind. I love that series and for some reason this is an outfit I would wear If that world actually existed. Of course I still wear it in this world :p. I love every piece of clothing that has patterns but more so if those patterns are either 90's nostalgia, geometric or illustrated. Thats why I had to wear the top with the amazing L train vintage find. Those pants where $8 and that adds to the excitement of finding stuff you love for a reaaallly good price.

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Jul 29, 2014


 photo _DSF2954.jpg

This was my first day in NY and the setting is the cozy and super cute apartment we stayed for a few days from Air bnb. It was a really cute place, there were beautiful light spots for me to make this shoot, but the blackboard wall was the best. I had fun altering the shirt dress, 'cuase I had some extra appliques from a line I'm making and this yellow flamingo went perfect with it.

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-29at123033PM.png  photo _DSF2945.jpg

Jul 21, 2014


 photo 4-36.jpg

A lot of the stuff from this post is from the thrift store I work at, Electroshock Xchange. If you guys are ever in Puerto Rico go check us out and visit me! The skirt is a really rear and amazing find because of the print. Aside from my manic search for patterns this print is just the perfect example of OP art. Brings me back to college art days. The boots are my fav thing about this whole outfit a real score on ebay, this baby's where really hard on my feet at first. I think the previous owner barely wore them so they weren't broken in, but now with some DR scholls and after finally breaking them in, they are the MOST COMFORTABLE BOOTS EVER. That is all.

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Jul 14, 2014


 photo 2-64.jpg

 I am VERY excited about everything in this outfit! The color, the textures, the FINDS! This was a result from my recent vacation trip to NYC. I visited every thrift store imaginable and scored so much stuff that you will be seeing tons of prints and patterns outfits in the next weeks. Man I didin't know NY had so much patterns in It's clothes! I adore it for it, 'cuase I can't really find stuff like this back at home.
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