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Oct 26, 2010


Noticed any lack of posting? Yup... This post will pretty much sums it up.
For the last month i was involved in a project that consisted of 9 designers getting a local brand and making an interpretation of it. It's suppose to be adv. oriented and you guys know how i feel about that. Still went in a more artsy way. Making myself free from the pressures of advertising. The piece consits of 6 illustration giving a message on how to recycle and reuse plastic bags, eventually for people to convert into the traditional fabric bag getting rid of the plastic. The line of bags that I was assigned was CONCALMA. Eventually everything came together in a installation called: " Llevame con calma, que voy de prisa".Below a few pictures of the project and the installation will be there until December. Go take a look at El Arsenal de la Puntilla!

"Design is honest. Advertising is lying." GB

Oct 19, 2010

prints and whales

25 is a very pretty number.. ya know? :D
25 deserves pretty things.
Like this silkscreen made by designer Jason
oh yes.... indeed


Oct 18, 2010

Oct 17, 2010

One please...

The name is Daniela...

Very clever idea for a bike.
Now if it get's stolen it'll be easier to spot it.

Oct 16, 2010

Everything tries to be round

t's all about lines and shapes, everywhere you go.
Obsessing about geometrical forms to some of us It's just "el pan de cada dia" (the bread of each day) and for that, I give my fellow obsessives something to feist upon.

4 colors on a mauve or white shirt

Oct 13, 2010

Sir Edward Wigglesworth

Got another design up at threadless!!!
Vote 5 and the option of "id buy it now!

Cup o' tea?

Not all rats that came from europe carried diseases,
some of them carried monocles
Click here or on the image to vote!!!! :D

Oct 11, 2010

Aaron Horkey

Known as part of the burlesque design team, Aaron Horkey impressed me with his unique typographic style and detailed illustrations. After looking at his work I started haunting the cover arts his done for bands ( more affordable than his actual prints). This silkscreen artist has work for bands from Flight of the Conchordes to the Forensics. I grabbed myself one of the Melt Bananas LP and is currently sitting on my wall. My next Horkey buy will definitely be a Forensics vinyl.

Oct 8, 2010

Dale amor que la carne es buena

For a while I've been meaning to submit a design on Threadless, but never got around to it 'cause never really figured out what to do. Below I present you with "Piggie" (no relation to Ms.Piggie...or is there?). A traditional portrait of an unconventional subject.

This napoleon is mighty tasty too... show my bf a lil love :)

Oct 4, 2010

the thread

Since I've been hanging a lot in the threadless shirt site, I've been looking around a few artist that every month, get a tee printed. One of them is
Alex Solis, who is a very talented fellow that nails almost every design he uploads to the site.