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Sep 23, 2014


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Ok! So Im back! AGAIN! My computer died on me for 3 weeks! I thought I had lost all the data ( which included all the outfits ) forever. Luckily my trusty dad came to the rescue and found a way to tap into the broken hard drive and save all the info I had on my computer. The only thing is that I cut my hair in those 3 weeks, so you will see me with long hair in some pictures and short hair in others.

Now, Let's talk about the outfit! I love how much fun I had with it. The tee and the socks were a huge coincidence that I found both in my summer trip to NY, so yeah, i HAD to wear them together. L Train Vintage became one of my favorite thrift place to go shop, I found those amazing pants there, and they were a mere $8!

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Sep 17, 2014


Im thinking of moving this blog permanently to tumblr. What do you guys say? Would you follow me on tumblr? I like it 'cause its easier to follow people, user friendly and more pretty :P. Im kinda getting bored with blogger. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!

 BTW... I have not posted any outfits lately 'cuase my computer died on me :( Im waiting to see If I can get back all the data from the hard drive. If not then I will have to retake about +25 outfits that I already had shot. Wish me luck!

Sep 9, 2014


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This shirt is a very special piece of art. From Print all over me, it was designed by Camille Walala. She makes the best pattern designs EVER, go follow her everywhere.

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Sep 4, 2014


 photo 3-4-1.png

Here I went pattern crazy ( like always ) . What's super exciting about this look are the socks! Sammy Icon is feeding my pattern fever with socks that have the most amazing geometric patterns! I can never get enough! they are super comfy and I specially love to wear them with my jellies to show them off! The dress is crazy beautiful! From Lazy Oaf, I am always drooling from every piece of clothing they have on their webstore. Of course they are pattern crazy too! A match made in heaven.

 photo 2-67.jpg  photo 4-38.jpg