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Jul 26, 2011


A wonderful blogger that I've mentioned before here on supakid. From Brighton, her blog is all about delicate and beutiffull photographs. They time I've followed her, i've seen how her drawings came to be from blog to magazines such as vogue. An amazing talent that I wuold love one day to take pictures with. Below Some pictures she took fo her house for a photo exhibition called Other People’s Houses which reunited the 10 photographers from the 1010 project. I'm a fan of her pictures, check her out.

Jul 25, 2011

Glimmer me shimmer

This sequin street art is a glitter of shiny holiness si one of the most amazing urban art ( label it whatever you want) that I've seen or at least for me that I'm a glitter freak. If I'd stumble unto something like this, I would freeze in ecstasy right at the moment. Theresa Himmer created this sequin installations inspired by a glacer, volcano and waterfall buildings." inspired by a glacier, volcano and waterfall, add a layer of sparkling dimension to city walls while highlighting the interplay of nature and urban life. The movement of the sequins mimic the beauty of ice, lava and water while recalling “how landscapes respond to changes in wind and light”. Oh and did I mention they are insanely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous?"(link)

One of my favorite pieces of urban art yet.

Jul 20, 2011

EL Rayo Spoke

I talk to the bike lovers, to the free riding daredevils of cars. For those of you who dont' know yet I present to you a new line of clothing and bags that recently launched (as recent as last month). El Rayo Spoke was born in the Puerto Rico, from the same team that created Concalma( which I will be doing a post later on), " ...a clothing and gear line inspired by the different cycling groups and a platform for promoting the bike as an form of transportation".

I'm proud to say that I'm in charge of the design area. So the logo and other design related things are mostly made by myself.

Jul 19, 2011


An amazing book by Art Spiegelman. Winner of a Pulitzer prize (1992) Mouse recounts the survival and times of the nazi era in Poland. What i loves most about it, is how he illustrates nationatilies and certain characters by the animal they're being portrayed by. " All Jews are mice (hence the name of the comic), of course all Germans are cats, Swedes are reindeer, the French are Frogs, etc. The metaphors for each species are so deep you could mine them for days."(link)
An amazing story very well told.

Jul 17, 2011


Unique stuff by a unique artist. Everything in the video is Rosaura's collection of many things she's kept through the years. Lot's of curiosities, which I love. The music is from one of the music boxes she collects.

Jul 15, 2011

Book Project


Ok guys! I need some help…I’m doing a book project and I need for people to tell me titles for books. The thing with this titles is that you gotta make it up. It can’t be a book that exist already. If you guys want to help me, reply in the comment section of this post. When i finish the project you will be rightfully credited for your title! It would be great if you guys wanted to help!

Thanks for reading!

Jul 14, 2011

roses are not red

I would really like to know who took it... appereantly the closest is here.
Really like it.

Jul 11, 2011

w h a t e v e r

YES! PLEASE! I would NEVER take this off!!!
Sometimes you gotta say it! WHATEVER!
Someone buy it for me before I throw my money at it!


This song is stuck in my head

no such thing as style


Here I am in a colorful limbo thinking about nothing.

Steven Rice

My awesome boyfriend is a very talented man. This is a video audition for him to be a special guest in a comedy skit group here in Puerto Rico.

The Best

This last months I've been more into reading graphic novels and comics. A whole new thing for me, I got more into graphic novels cause most of them have incredible illustrations and stories. The Best American Comics 2010 was a lucky buy, cause it was on special for 3 bucks. ( I'll later do a review on the 2011 book) So why not? It truly has some of the best, at a point that I looked up the stories I liked the most. Do you think maybe there are the best European COmics? I don't think I'm talking crazy. Somebody bettah do it.

Jul 8, 2011

Patter Design Challenge

Finally up for scoring!

I entered a pattern design contest at threadless!
If you really love it and want be either wearing this in a tee or looking at it in your wall,
you can score me a delicious 5 and shout out your support in a comment!

Vote here fo evah

Jul 6, 2011

impro oh oh oh

Impro is awesome.
I went to an improv workshop with an amazing teacher from colombia, Gigio Giraldo. A really intense week, but worth it all the way. We practiced the long form. Scared at the beginning but i got it the next day. I am really falling in love with impro oh oh oh. Life give me more.

Visit De La Nada's group to keep updated on more upcoming events, cause without them, this workshop would have never happened.

Go here.

Jul 3, 2011


Amazing talent that comes along with amazing humor. Jublin, whose birth cert. name is Justin Wight, is a freelance illustrator that is well known in the online t shirt community, such as sites like Threadless and Design By Humans. He dosen't stick with one style only, you can see he explores different methods of illustration. I specifically love the illustrations that are more flat and the figures are not underlined, where rich textures are used in the best way. Keep updated by visiting his flickr page right here.

Jul 2, 2011


It's been quite a while, Last week was an explosion of things. Improv work, a new hobby, friends and many many things that appear out of nowhere... I recently discovered google analytics and, like i've said before, i do this blog to remember things, the statistics to it are reeeeeeally low. I like to share the things that I like, although it may be time to ask for help or look up something so the blog will get a bit more traffic. Oh well, let's see. Maybe this post will never get read and be lost in the deepest realms of the interent. A little dramatic that last sentence. I will continue posting and searching for ways to bump this site traffic. Thanks for always reading me and for bearing the days I've been out in the real world.

Jul 1, 2011


Is a very talented friend ( I'll go deeper in his work in a few posts ).
Check him out for now.