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Dec 31, 2009

bai bai 09

Cause of all the possibilities, of all the space, in all the times, in all infinities and all the
shit you'll see below, that will get you saying "say-what-what-i-said-or-what-he-she-said
" HATE and LOVE was 09. I'm closing, with an explanation of the 10 Dimensions.
Can you see the connection ah ah ah !?!?.. jaaa....erm....duh......guateba..

Dec 30, 2009


I think I'll be posting some in the BG of the page. So if you see 'em, you'll know
where they're from!!!. Go look at more of this retro inspired gifs and flash
animations at youmakemesohappy.


Dec 27, 2009

Guardians of Russian Art museums

This series of pictures are from a book called Guardians, captured by photographer Andy Freeberg.What's interesting about the pictures is the relation between the guardian and
the art piece, they either become partof the painting and some of them suggest younger
versions of themselves.
They are the guardians of the country’s masterpieces, but also of much more.
This series of photographs reflects the singular role that these women play in
both the Russian art world and society as a whole.
—from the introduction by Clifford Levy,
Moscow bureau chief of the New York Times

Dec 25, 2009

[ J ] Oda a la Gramática

Spanish grammar is a be wee more complicated then english... NO, really a whole lot more
complicated, you got yer accent marks, the different pronunciations, the phonetics, the silent
H, the confusion between the s-z-c and a whole lot of other stuff that just kinda drives you mad.
The only thing that can get you to a good grammar is reading. Here was my "oda", to the
spanish grammar:


ka da palavra ke ezcrivo,
ézta mal ezkrita a própocito,
para quan do terrmine la orásion,
a lla perdidó to do centido.

Yeah that...

Dec 24, 2009

Glitter, Felt and Cats

Dazed and digital featured Elza Jo van Reenen on there site, calling her a "trendsetting
Dutch photographic with a unique and eclectic style" that when you see her work , you know
that their right. Have a visit at Dazed to read her feature and her site to see more of her work.
Below an interview randomly found searching her work.


Dec 22, 2009

Los Niños Estelares

Yesterday I went to see the last free show of Los Niños Estelares at Executive Manolo.
Composed by El Duque Anacardo Fer-Caguami and Dario Constaín Reyes.

"Their music could be summed up as singer-songwriter carribean social
experimental electric acoustic comic punk new wave folk rock disco rap
poetic neo-pop. Regularly Darío composes the music and Fernando writes
the songs, however, their artistic creations are a result of a symbiotic
collaboration between the two. "

Their songs vary from nostalgic melodrama to social sarcasm. Below are a few pics and
videos from the show last night and an official vid of the duo.

Dec 21, 2009


I couldn't sleep yesterday, my mind was racing all night. Fighting and throwing a fit to myself. I ended up with this:

"Aja aja... me imagino
Por que lo que realmente importa es lo que no puedes leer.

por las deudas
por los hijos que estan po venir y abortar
por la comida que si pudiera no comeria por que como quiera
me estoy muriendo todos los dias
por toda la mierda que voy a comprar sin razon
por mis amigos

por el novio que insite mis impulsos
por los amantes que sonsaque
por mis padres
por las enfermedades
por toda puta responsabilidad que nos obliga a olvidarnos de esto."

Dec 19, 2009

Que pesado

"Hay que pesado, que pesado,
siempre pensando en el pasado,
no t lo pienses demasiado
que la vida esta esperando…"

And then some

The newest work from the spanish duo, Diamond .

"Son las pequeñas posibilidades de lo imposible, lo real y lo ficticio siempre
han sido uno mismo, ambos son construidos, uno surge y otro muere con el.
Son pequeños instantes, momentos fugaces que se hacen en nosotros imágenes,
así como las imágenes de unas vacaciones cualquiera."

Dec 17, 2009

Our Celebrity Nation

Dazed Digital features several recognized people within the art community to heat
up a debate on the celebrity culture and its ephemeral existence. Below a short preview,
go read it here.
"Ben Lewis: One of the really interesting things about our culture is that
we think celebrity is a kind of value. If someone’s famous, they’re good,
particularly if they’re an artist. That’s a very solipsistic aspect of the art
world - if an artist has reached a wide audience, they’re marvellous because
art never reaches a wide audience, so any artist who does has done a
fantastic job and we should really admire them, and not criticise them
because they’ve achieved this wonderful goal of celebrity.Celebrity is a death
sentence. When you start making art about your own celebrity, it very quickly
becomes art about the vacuousness of your world. We shouldn’t applaud
artists who embrace celebrity; we should look on them with horror and disgust.
Tate’s Pop Life exhibition should have been called Pop Death, because it’s a
collection of all of the worst art that’s been made over the last ten years."

Dec 16, 2009


She's 13 and she's seen enough...


After reading about them first from sussie bubble quite some time ago and then seeing
them whoring up every blog imaginable, this amazing heels designed by Hugrun & Magni,
have always been in my "I'm going bankrupt for you" list of shoes... Guess I'll keep the
machine going, by contributing one of the next 4,234,4234,4556,4whateverdafuck
that will appear about this on the internet. The lookbook is finally out, you can look
the complete shoot on the photographers blog.

The drugs in our body

Dec 12, 2009

1,2,3 PESCAO

Around 50 people transformed the biggest shopping mall in the Caribbean, Plaza las Americas,
to a stage of improvisation. The group had a mission,
they walked around each minding there
own business and suddenly they stood static,
like statues.
Wish I could have been part of if,
damn work!!!
Watch the video below.


Dec 11, 2009


I wrote on 100 pies blog.

"Hola. Hello. Como estas? Yo, bien.
y tu y tu y tu y tu y tu? Ingles o Español?
Los dos/both. OK. Oooof Courseee.
Veinticinco centavos por favor. Gracias. Thank You.
Me dijeron que escribiera algo. Para ti. SOlo para tu placer.
Te voy a dar placer. OH shit. The pressuress ooooonn!!!!
ON ME ON ME ON ME... para escribir. Darte placer.
Escribe puñeta!!! W T F ?!?! Que carajos es esto!?
Si, si, lo se... Ya piensas:
Y ahora? MENTAL DIARRHEA. no se me ocurre ná!
Creo que lo voy a borrar. Delete. click click. ESPERA...
Fucking hell!!!...Dame un brake!. Como a Barbara.
Si escribo algo más profundo?
Si escribo algo más romantico?
Si escribo algo más intelectual?
Sobre el arroz? el pan? tu mai? el sexo?
AHHHHHHH.... e l s e x o.. Fuck it: EL SEXO
NEXT - > jaaaaaaa.
Te menti.
Perdon. (soap-opera gasp)

Twenty five cents please.

se jodio

<3 4 EVArrrr

Typographic sweetness.

DIY up at
Hello Again! oh yes. Go visit there blog!
Which one is my fav!?!??!.... dun dun dun ... BATMAN!!!!!

All of the Above?

Who would you rather have your life saved by?
A: Batman.
B: Superman.
C: A Chinese Sherlock Holmes.
D: Spiderman.

Dec 9, 2009

Los Super Elegantes

Great great great song!!! Listen to "Africa" HERE
"Hay una chica que se pone salvaje,
que se mueve con el ritmo de un elefante

y grita si grita

se tira al piso como un terremoto
y mueve el sitio algo desastroso

y baila si baila"

Dec 8, 2009


I want to clarify that the backgrounds used will be a mix of images found randomly on
the net and pictures, designs that I've done myself. The image that I have today, is a
picture I took of apiece, whose artist name I don't remember the name ( if anybody
does know who he is please let me know) that showed at Circa back in April. So just to
clarify, the background is my wall of irony/how i feel/whatever-the-fuck-i-want-to-
show-today. I won't be giving credit for the images that will go up, cause they won't be
up too long.

is it gifts day yet?

Made in Japan for new signing HeartsRevolution by Kitsuné,
and designed by KateMoross. It's on my gifts list, ou yeaaahh...

Dec 7, 2009


Starting with the fun name, Oh! Nena is a fashion label made up by 3
venezolanas, Andrea Morena, Daniela Ordonez and Velentina Alvarado.
Specializing on headpieces, the trio brainstorm together ideas to make
there collections happen. Making fun fun fun fun pieces.
“Oh! Nena es el encuentro de tres chicas que - unidas por amistad
y familia - se juntan y deciden inventar y comenzar a llenar un vacío
curioso - y un tanto fashionista - guardado por muchos años. Una
oda a la femineidad

Dec 6, 2009



FINALLY gave the blog a much needed visual update. I still have to tweak some things,
you'll notice some of the content dosen't fit cause it was set for the size of the previous
template. I'm still trying to figure that out, so please patience with me. I also have to add
the blogroll(IMPORTANT!!!) and a link to mu potfolio. I may need a HTML for idiots, if 

anybody wants to give a hand with that, your more than welcome to. What I'm most excited 
about this design is that the background will be changing every few days, depends on how 
fast I get bored (or attached) with the current BG. You'll see that every week It'll have 
different images, so don't be alarmed!!!!


 *Update: Already added the link to my portfolio. 
   You can see it in the sidebar right there on top of everything.

Dec 5, 2009

Pony up!

Let’s be clear on what we’re doing
not aware of what you’re losing
i am sorry that you’re stupid
i can’t be your fucking cupid.

..................................................wanted not to want my dreaming
..................................................want to stop this constant scheming
..................................................when i sleep you’re always there
..................................................i wake up ‘cause i’m kissing air.

My lips won't kiss ass

Self-portrait with my web cam.

Dec 4, 2009

I am neurotic

I found this excellent site a few months ago... ok, about a Year ago, and never hesitated to post it. Guess I was somewhere in that very severe state of mind at that time. I'm better now, don't worry. Chek it out.

maybe you should lick

When I see smooth or soft things, I get a strong urge to rub them on my lower lip. Freshly buffed nails, my dog’s ears, silk shirts, the back side of a cd, laminated book covers, the list goes on. I think that my lower lip is a better judge of softness/smoothness than my fingers.

reuniting lovers

When ever I start a new loaf of bread, I can never eat the first piece. I must save it until I reach the other side of the slices so that the two end pieces can be together. I feel as though they should spend their last moments together.

button brushing

when changing the channels on my T.V. i have to touch every other button so they do not feel left out. or if my hand relaxes and i accidently touch a few i have to make the amount of times ive touched all buttons equal.

Dec 2, 2009

tag tag tag tag tag

100 tags in


Ive just finished and incredible read that dropped on my email today from Not just a Label. With a title that stars off the article right on track, Fashion_for_Loosers talks about the fast pased fashion industry and the need to have us constantly sucking ads, buying unlimited crap that will eventually be useless to us and harmful for the rest. Just like the quote from Vivianne Westwood in the article:
“Buy less, choose well. Don’t buy things for the sake of it because then everyone looks alike….I offer no choice but to ask for the end of indiscriminate consumption. If you have to choose something, save up and choose well.”
They also reference "The Generation M Manifesto" written by Umair Haque of Havas Media Lab. Excellent writing overall and I think that entering the new decade is starting to finally unfold or rebel at what's been a crazy "you are, if you buy" era. The whole manifesto below and you can read the complete article here.

Dear Old People Who Run the World,
My generation would like to break up with you. Everyday, I see a widening gap in how you and we understand the world — and what we want from it. I think we have irreconcilable differences.

You wanted big, fat, lazy "business." We want small, responsive, micro-scale commerce. You turned politics into a dirty word. We want authentic, deep democracy — everywhere. You wanted financial fundamentalism. We want an economics that makes sense for people — not just banks. You wanted shareholder value — built by tough-guy CEOs. We want real value, built by people with character, dignity, and courage.

You wanted an invisible hand — it became a digital hand. Today's markets are those where the majority of trades are done literally robotically. We want a visible handshake: to trust and to be trusted. You wanted growth — faster. We want to slow down — so we can become better. You didn't care which communities were capsized, or which lives were sunk. We want a rising tide that lifts all boats. You wanted to biggie size life: McMansions, Hummers, and McFood. We want to humanize life.

You wanted exurbs, sprawl, and gated anti-communities. We want a society built on authentic community. You wanted more money, credit and leverage — to consume ravenously. We want to be great at doing stuff that matters. You sacrificed the meaningful for the material: you sold out the very things that made us great for trivial gewgaws, trinkets, and gadgets. We're not for sale: we're learning to once again do what is meaningful.

There's a tectonic shift rocking the social, political, and economic landscape. [...] Here's what it looks like to me: every generation has a challenge, and this, I think, is ours: to foot the bill for yesterday's profligacy — and to create, instead, an authentically, sustainably shared prosperity. Anyone — young or old — can answer it. Generation M is more about what you do and who you are than when you were born. So the question is this: do you still belong to the 20th century - or the 21st?

Umair and the Edge Economy Community


Minitel Rose "Elevator" from THISTIME on Vimeo.

Jorge de La Garza

Great collage work. Doesn't have much info about himself, but has great quotes.

"The past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again. … For every image of the past that is not recognized by the present as one of its own concerns threatens to disappear irretrievably."
Walter Benjamin, Theses on the Philosophy of History.