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Feb 28, 2011


I eat a banana every night before going to sleep, so hunger won't wake me up at night. A few days ago I wanted to do an experiment with the scraps of one i didn't finish. It turned slowly into beautiful shades of black and brown. Before it rotten completely and filled my room with all sorts of hungry feasting animals, I took the picture of it. Almost painterly like, every shade and color was captured just as I saw it in my head. Un cadaver exquisito.

Feb 26, 2011


never enough

Seeing that this has been a shoe week for me... appereantly it won't stop. As you know, im always drooling on anything shiny and geometricly beutiful, so when I was Andrea Chaves shows on KOS blog I wanted to instantly make my own disco shoes. I think that this specific shoe keeps repairing every month or so. Maybe she perfects it, takes more awesome pictures of the shoe and lets the internet do the rest time after time. I think that i've had a crush on this pumps for quite too long but I'll never get tired of posting them here.

Feb 22, 2011


The shoes I was wearing at art nights got in the site of 1dayrobot. Prettiest shoes I own... congrats to them boots :D. 1dayrobot is a party site, if you went to the event check it out; maybe you'll see yourself on there and you don't even know it.


Gonsalves is another ilustrator I admire a lot. Foud out about him through the community and his designs up on threadless. When I started searching his work I was left in aw by the amount of stuff his done. Mostly ilustration, Andy has a cartoony, retro style. I have an aaawesome threadless tee he did and finally took a picture of it. See it below.

Some of my fav

Feb 21, 2011


I love the tint on this vid

Art Nights

Art nights hosted by La Respuesta keeps happening every thursday where a group or a single artist show off they're skills live. Last weeks's event Hello Again's past and present took charge of the space. From potography to drawing the boys interacted and played with each piece of art. Below you can enjoy a series of photos I shot from the event.


I just made this photo for Threadless, having fun with it.
My bf had the idea to put me in outer space, maybe cause im always spaced? HA... :D
Hope threadless gives me my rightful STP's...

It's just paper

A beautiful piece of paper, but just paper...

1896 $5 Educational Fr-269 VF30 S/n 25139605

The United States’ most beautiful piece of paper money, this note features an allegorical depiction of Electricity as the Dominant force in the world. The lavish vignette was originally drawn by Walter Shirlaw and hangs on the wall in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Thomas Morris redesigned the bill itself, and G.F.C. Smilie engraved the figures. The back features the heads of two Civil War generals: Ulysses S. Grant and Phillip Sheridan, flanked on all sides by ornate engraving.The female figure representing Electricity is clad in flowing robes, revealing a bare breast. This partial nudity was said to cause a disturbance nationwide, with Anthony Comstock, Secretary of the Society for Suppression of Vice, pressuring the U.S. Treasury to withdraw our obscene notes. Three years later, entirely new designs were issued replacing the controversial Educational series.

Via Here

Feb 18, 2011

André da Loba

André Da Loba is a very inspirational illustrator. His drawings come across as very innocent and fun pictures, almost a childish feeling with the master of a great illustrator. He inspired me to go a little further in the latest update of my resumé. I had a line pattern I've done weeks ago, the thing is that one of Da Loba illustrations has the same pattern, so it inspired me to take my resumé in that direction. It is a tribute to this very talented artists.

Andre da Loba
What? My work? My work will always be about you and about me!... about anarchists, fortune-tellers, fleeing kings blasphemers and mutineers. Also about fire starters, and threatened witches. And luminaries and other artists. Thieves, (those poets), biologists and sexologists. First-grade teachers married with journalists and the priests that became atheists. Poets and wall painters, but not as much as it is about tall dwarves, black cats, color visionaries and survivors from shipwrecks. People with odd limps, dust in road humps, Light-bulbs changers, professional vagabonds, perfect stammers, and spontaneous mutes. It is about looking and seeing and seeing and looking (for). It is about being secretly, secretly happy.

Here is the illustration that got me going.

Here is my 2011 updated resumé.

Buy it!

I forgot to add the link from the etsy store to the Bacanal Mag!
What got me excited is that they used the page of my drawing to sell the mag... YES!!!!!
Buy it here.


Feb 16, 2011

Lessons of Adulthood

Remember this? Apparently it got broken... nah, just the images.
The artist not only has the site filled with fantastic illustration, but has a xerox paper book that at the moment I can deff relate to. Everything about the awkwardness, insecurities, mindless-job-world sucked into a 6x6. Like being 13 again, only now the world will shit on you if you mess up.
Pictures below.

"Lessons of Adulthood is a zine that contains drawings I made to cope with my emerging adulthood."

Feb 15, 2011

Bacanal5: Comida

Two drawings of mine were published in the art Mag from here Puerto Rico, BACANAL. A real beut and fun publication. Many collaborators who draw, look, write and imagine every theme the magazine launches. You can too be in the mag if you send your work here!

From left to right: #1 Rachel, Me • #2 Me, Sheto

This time around the theme was food. So from culture based image jokes, to fantasy food worlds, adorned the pages of this issue. There was also a release party of BACANAL that had an installation from Rachel Hernandez Pumarejo and Felix De Portu and the band We'll Never Be Famous(WNBF). Enjoy it all.

From left to right: #1 Yaritza, Steven Rice • #2 La Tripleta

Poster Bacanal Issue #4 Orlando Santiago
More pictures from the release party