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Apr 14, 2009

Santys Santi

I'm not talking about santigold. Santys Santi is a 28 years old graphic designer, graffiti artist and illustrator.

"I'm in love with art, design, music and originality."

He has an upcoming release of limited edition tees that are based on some of the most legendary hip hop MC's from "Back in the dayz". The first series features Run DMC, as shown in the illustration below. The rest of the legendarys, your going to have to keep checking back to see which design comes next. Not only is Santys working on the thread, but he's also coming out with a mixtape:
"Back In The Dayz is a mixtape by Hit Box Studios featuring some of the greatest stars of Hip Hop in the 80's - 90's era. To name a few Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Chubb Rock, Special Ed, Pete Rock and many more. The mixtape takes it's name from Jamel Shabbaz book Back In The Days. The poster features a photo from the book and the design of Santys Santi."
As soon as I get mine I'll upload the pics, so if you want to grab a chance at this limited designs you can contact Santys Santi at his blog or at

"Back in the Dayz"
RUN DMC t-shirt Design & mixtape poster.

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