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Apr 2, 2009


This woman really inspires few of the things that I've done.
(hint: look to your right)

Isabelle lumpkin, a former professional modern dancer, c r e a t o r of the very recognized cover for Santogold (now Santigold). She has reminded me that there's no crisis when photoshop crashes or my computer goes numb.

"In addition to her performance work, Narcissister has worked in many other creative media including contemporary quilting, collage, sculpture, printmaking, and her most recent medium of photography. She has participated in multiple studio residencies and her work has been included in group shows and media publications. To earn her living, Narcissister works as a commercial artist, designing window displays and working as a stylist and art director."

Her explosive and dynamic images are never close to safe.
This girl goes all out doing her stuff, with no hesitation.

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