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Apr 27, 2009

The Big P: A brief intro

On Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot the new EIGHTIN
09 t-shirt collection
made by
PUN 18. Pun is a graffiti-artist-snkr-head-designer from the ADM Cru,
born and raised in Puerto Rico. Like many of the artists I will be featuring on the blog,
he's been exposed to art all his life, so it comes as no surprise the road he's at.

ADM Cru has been around ever since the y2k-we-are-all-gonna-die-madness ended.
There style has been innovative to the graffiti scene in Puerto Rico giving visual
satisfaction for other artist to feast on.

Below you can have a glimpse on the new line of t shirts.
I'll make sure to post pics from the shoot asap.

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