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Apr 17, 2009

Circa Labs Friday

SO I meant to go today to Circa, but went too late and they were already closing so instead went to Circa Labs cause I didn't want to go home not seeing anything. My camera's battery died after one picture, but at least my phone takes decent pictures.Circa labs this year was more organized they had a better stage for bands and the wagons that had the exhibitions inside were easier to walk into. Each wagon was "owned" by a different artist, some selling there art, others just showing there stuff.

There was light art, tattoos, munnys, drawings and a lot o dick. JA. one of the artist did this really great ( and not cause of the falic icon) drawings that were nicely done and colored and they showed bush or cock. They could be hairy or glittery with shimmer. There was a giant mass of "fake" poop.

Tomorow I'm going early so I can actually goto the art fair. I'll leave you now with dick and cock.

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