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Sep 11, 2008

no such thing as style?

Ever ran out of ideas? Been overwhelmed from the piles of clothes in your closet?
changed 25 times before going out? (ugh , this sounds like an infomercial) At this
case many sites will come to the rescue claiming to be the "style savior" were they
compile hundreds of looks who are all a result of peoples Google-ing each other on
the web. "Rescue me!!!! RESCUE MY UNFASHIONABLE HEAD!!" some might think.
But ok, I exaggerated a little.

Still, when I read a post from the Style Bubble's blog, we see the rise of a trend( if we can
call it that), where blogging outfits and searching for other peoples view on different
ways to wear the same thing, has become the fashion advisor of so many thousands
around the world. like Susie says:
"...people are seeking for individuality and watching style 'happen' online, the result is that being inspired en masse can lead to something uniform or 'exactitudinal'. Just as I was about to write a very long post about the fact that things are no longer 'in' or 'out' and that trends can be interpreted in whatever way you want, with the internet being a contributing factor, a positive uplifting message I think in fashion, comes this reminder from Cho, that the very dialogue that I love so much; the weird and wonderful world of online is bit of a sham and not 'real'."
This really gives me a headache and after emerging from all the references
I have found to this issue, it is obvious to say that it's not only happening in fashion
but in design in general (can we say art to?). There has been a BOOM of visual media
that people are constantly interchanging, criticizing and imitating. As we know, any
situation can always go either way. In art we have seen the clash of movements, from
traditional to the most contemporary, we have the art vs design debate, which will
forever be unresolved. We can also see just like in fashion, how the art gallery's market
there artists, just like the big brands pick up what sells from the youth, what is cool and
make a big fad about it. What we see on the street, in the scene, in art and everywhere
is a reflection of what we are building, weather we like it or not.

There's a whoooooole lot more to this issue, which in consequence affects everything
in our own time and space. Still we can hope not to over analyze or think that every
generation and its happenings are the end of the world, but we cannot only "go with
the flow" as we can also give direction to those that follow.

*American Appareal Image from the Style Salvage

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