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Sep 23, 2008

Bitching and whining

Up until now, this week has been shaping up to be the worst of this month.
Not only have the fights with "authority" encreased, but my external hard drive
decided to commit suicide by jumping of my desk from a case of badly
tangled wires. WATEVS.... THAT effin disk was my life, it had my work,
everything I find on the net, magz, books, pics,

E V E R Y T H I N G.

This are the moments I really hate technology (and not making any back up ).
Thankfully all is not lost, I have an old hard drive that is about to die and hopefully
It'll stand the upcoming days of torture and my best friend keeps some of my
stuff in his computer.

What reeeeealllyy pisses me off, is that I have to reorganize everything as I
recently had it. My disk is the most organized peace of my life that can exist
and it only had 3 months in my care.
Guess I'm gonna have to suck it up,
blame the univerese
and just deal.There are worst things happening in the world.


*pic from photobucket | Translation= oh God give me patience

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