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Sep 17, 2008

What page?

I don't really know how much time I spend on the internet trying to go to sleep
and it's amazing how I'm finding myself reading more magz on the net than
actually buying them(those I just read and scan the pictures in my head). One
of the few advantages that online magazines have, is that they tend to be more
interactive with the reader. You can see the page actually create itself and form a
grid, they will have animations that'll make reading more enjoyable,
which is
a whole new level for ads

Another advantage is the obvious i-can-now-buy-something-else, even though there
is always that mag on the stands that i just need in my library. Not only do they save
you money but they are contributing to the hard efforts of the green ish revolution.
This actually reminds me of David Carson's book
"The End of Print", but that's a whole
other issue.
Even though i have found some online magazines to be lacking on either
the content or the the basic design grid, the following are not the case.
These are just a few that
cannot go unseen:

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