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Sep 21, 2008

Miss Sedgwick

For about a year, I think, I've been following this discussion on the Fashion Spot community site. Sense I'm not a member and don't know anybody that can pass me an invite, I've bookmarked that specific discussion. One of the regulars of the forum alias Scarlettlover, did a transcript of a clip from Warhol's "Poor little rich girl", and now we can understand better Edie's conversation (even though I think she was talking to chuck).

What's being said: (A=Andy, E=Edie)
A: You look different.
E: It's because my hair is gray. I feel like trying, experiencing (or it might be experimenting). Well how do I look different?
A: I'm just saying that, I don't really think you look different.
E: Oh.
A: You don't look any different than you did yesterday.
E: Then I look different than when I did..
A: Last week, but that's not so bad.
E: Somebody told me that I change so much each time they saw me that they didn't recognize me. Do you believe that? I don't think it's true.
A: If they see you at different times of the day I could understand. You look look different when you come out in the evening than when you wake up.
E: Really? That's scary.
A: We could skip the whole thing and go to the movies for 8 hours and just walk out of one movie and into another. We've been wanting to do that all week anyway..
E: From one movie to another? I
A: We can go see horror films, we can see old films, new films...
E: Yeah, I aught to go to the (name of theater) and see some films.
A: Yes. (They both laugh)
E: But if I do that..
A: Then we can just go to the dinner anytime we want.
E: Well I sort of have to be there. Well if I'm not there..
A: I don't remember what it was for. What was the dinner all about?
E: Oh people you wouldn't even bother.
A: Oh how grim.
E: Well it will be people like (lists name) and (lists name). You think that will be too bad? Oh I don't know..
A: As long as you don't have to talk to them it's alright.
E: Talk to who? (lists name)?
A: Anyone.
E: Well (lists name) will do all the talking.
A: Well as long as you can drink and eat..and eat. (laughs)
E: That's the trouble.
A: Well let's go the movies.
E: Well I can't, uh, well if I eat anything I ruin it, don't I? I have to eat everything at once. And otherwise I can't eat at all. Do you understand what I mean? (laughs)
A: You have to eat everything...
E: Well I do eat like a pig when I eat. Oh can I eat. Isn't that awful? It really is. I was thinking it was because of (whispers some word).
A: Don't all these people know that?
E: Yeah it was Dorothy's idea. To get out instead of post..
A: Well she is on the dubious side isn't she?
E: Post mortom, is that right? Is there such a thing?
A: Are you celebrating for the..
E: Celebrating for what?
A: For what's her idea, that the person who died might want to be celebrated.
E: Um.
A: But it is good that people really get the most out of everybody else's death.
E: Well yeah, but I don't think I do.
A: I didn't mean you.
E: Somebody else?
A: Well why don't you put on..I'll help you get yourself together.
E: You will? You will help?
A: Yeah well why don't you, how about wearing this? You could try this.

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