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Sep 20, 2008

I want be a little ball of fabric

rain rain rain
That's the only thing that's come down from the sky. Thanks to the humid and
hot climate of the caribbean It'll never be colder than 75, specially here in the
city. I love layering, wearing tights, clothes under clothes under clothes under
more clothes and anything I can find. I want be a little ball of fabric :D. Well,
anything more than a a jacket and a pair of jeans would be enough to make
you lose 5 pounds in sweat. But if there were fall and winter here, I don't think I
would EVER take this off:

I would LIVE in this. The Rodman Etsy shop has a beautiful variety of collars to
play with, they can make them just for your neck size and even do customization
if anybody
has a specific idea.
Another I loved, was this tux collar from
Crows Cloth Etsy shop.

Let's dress up in this and go to a ball.

1 comment:

psykonimus' said...

"I want be a little ball of fabric"

Love it :)