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Nov 26, 2009

SUCCESS- sucktheexcess



Just a few of the words that described the event on Tuesday. Taking place at the Niuyorican cafe, it united the best artists, bands, dj's, comedians
in one space for people to appreciate and know what's going on in the underground music and art scene. The night started off with the improv group IMPROPIO, that with skits and well... improvisations ( o b v i . ) got people crying from laughter.

Next, followed by the anticipated men from the dusty roads of the US, where they wrestle cows and give sweet sugar loving to damsels in distress. Rad & Cal Premiered there new video "Duelo a la muerte" that caused a party of panti dropping and loose pants.

More proof of the sweet loving

A little bit of everything that happend at Moderno

La Moda playing his heavy sound hitting set. How we love when lights, performance, video and music mash up. YESSSSSSS!!!!

Tag Team Champions

I had the chance to show 2 of my pieces
at the festival, of a series I'm working on. The series are a juxtaposition of the beautiful imagery, with what can be considered harsh, rude quotes and words (in english and spanish) that are muted until read, or better said by the known fashion Blogger IMELDA:

"...she’s softened my caustic phrasing with a juxtaposed muted floral print to create an arresting piece of modern artwork."

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