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Nov 26, 2009


"Why don’t we poke a hole in this sheet and keep it between us?"

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. Not so much for the masses and guess that's what initially drew me to it. I've read a few articles about this service, "the girlfriend experience" and even though I wouldn't make a living out of this, It's interesting to learn and see how people work out of the social standards.
Dazed and Digital did a full interview with Sasha Grey:

DD: It’s pretty phenomenal, you’re 21 years old and you’ve got your own production company, you're working with a huge Hollywood director... How did that all pan out for you? Do you have a vision that you aim for or is it more of a random trajectory?
I think that now, more than ever, it’s definitely a wave – things come and things go. I do have my set goals but whereas once they were very solidified and specific, I’ve now realised that life changes every day so you have to adapt

DD: Did go to drama school?

DD: Then you went into pornography? How did that come about?
Acting for me was more of an extra-curricular activity. When I was 12 years old I was kind of a nihilist and my mum said I need to do something – 'If you’re not going to do sports or become a girl scout you’ve got to do something! Get out of my hair for the weekend!''

DD: A nihilist at 12 years old?! That’s pretty incredible...
Yeah… Well, my mum said to start acting at school because that way you don’t have to commit to something after school or on the weekends, and that if I did well, she would start putting me in classes.

DD: Do you think it can be a really positive thing to do so much so young, because you learn so much...
Yeah, over the past few years my learning curve has been huge and sometimes people say, ‘Don’t you just want to be a normal 21-year-old and go party and have fun?’ No. I mean, why do you think great artists of our time have always said youth is wasted on the young? I don’t want to be an old a person in regret and think I should have done this but I was off being lazy. There are enough mistakes we make as human beings anyway, so let the mistakes be real mistakes not chosen mistakes.

DD: What do you think of men like the guy in the film who really degrades her?
I think people like that have too much time on their hands. Their level of self-confidence is so low that they project their issues onto other people.

DD: Have you come across people like that in your previous career? Have you been in situations where you have thought, 'This is awful; I don’t want to be doing this...'
No. The business is so small that those situations are very few and far between. If you did have a character like that, word would spread really quickly. Those seedy characters are more in the underbelly, like people in the Mid-West who are shooting illegally, because technically it’s still only legal to shoot in California and New York. Nobody shoots in New York, though. I don’t understand that. So, I think those type of characters tend to exist in the smaller areas where it is not a collective business. I was also lucky enough when I fist got in the business to have a grade-A agent who was like, ‘This person is cool, but if they say do this and you don’t want to, or that they’ll pay you more, just tell them to call your agent.'

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